Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Second Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes video

Twenty eight (28) out of the 40 Hayden Kho sex videos are already out and have been out for some time.

Just today, I found the second Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes.  In this video, Maricar Reyes is shown viewing video from Hayden's laptop, scenes from what is I guess their first bout of lovemaking.  You can probably also guess what they did after viewing their own sex video and you would be right.

The second video wasn't nearly as explosive as the first but it seemed Maricar was more aware that they were recording their sex act.

There are also persistent rumors that the Hayden Kho-Vicky Belo is also due to make an appearance or already has and is quietly circulating in certain circles.  Great if you're the kind of guy who is into MILFs -- which I am not as I am not into anything other than my wife who reads my blog.

But not so good if you're just wondering about what else on Belo's body can benefit from cosmetic surgery.  I am given to imagining the horror of finding out that it is apparently possible to create a vertical smile somewhere down south.

Certainly, somebody has got to stop putting these things out.  Perhaps the NBI should do a better job at finding out who is uploading these videos and ask whoever it is, very nicely, to give me a copy.

But seriously, this is a bad thing.  And despite being apparently and seriously illegal, most of everybody I know still wants to be in on the Hayden sex scandal.

Tomorrow, the senate hearing on the Hayden Kho sex video scandal will commence.  If Hayden Kho himself will make an appearance, it will certainly be a field day for a lot of my friends in the Senate beat.

I think some of the ladies will probably be doing most of the jostling as most of the men working in the senate already had their chance trying to ogle Katrina when she came to visit Senator Bong Revilla.

Then again, Hayden Kho's lawyer Lorna Kapunan seems bent on dousing the media frenzy as well as the frenzy among senators.  Kapunan has asked that the hearing involving Kho should be held behind closed doors.

Hayden may be hidden from view.  But then again, who really wants to see more of him?

Some people have remarked that it is rather unnecessary for the Senate to investigate a sex scandal when there are more urgent matters to attend to -- like, for instance, the pending ethics complaint against Senator Manny Villar.

I say, just ban TV and Radio coverage for the sex scandal hearing and you'll definitely see senators losing interest in Hayden Kho's sex scandal.  

After all, what can they really do about it?

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