Friday, August 17, 2007

Team Gordon 2010

I've known Richard Gordon longer than he has known me.
The first time I learned about him, I think, was during the early post EDSA 1 days when word about Olongapo City's turn around was in all the newspapers and TV. It was a model city and was something that a lot of the people at that time wished every other city in the country would emulate. Color coded jeeps, clean streets, zero crime rate, an empowered citizenry.... I was in my freshman year in highschool then.
The next time I encountered Gordon was in Subic, during the opening of the Subic International Airport and I think that was some time in 1997. I was already working at the Presidential Broadcast Staff (RTVM) during President Ramos' term and I was amazed by Subic. I told myself, this is what every city in the country ought to be like.
Following this, I got a chance to work for Gordon at the Department of Tourism. I saw Intramuros come alive, I saw the places touched by tourism and where poverty had retreated, and I got to work under a man who really worked his ass off to bring tourists to the country. I saw him cry in Malacanang at the height of the Oakwood mutiny and I felt my heart break.
I worked on his senatorial campaign and saw him win.
Right now, I'm working with Team Gordon 2010 in hopes of getting him elected as President simply because I think he is the best chance our country has for change... Change that is for real... Change that is for better.... Change that is for everyone.... and Change for generations to come...
I heard that some people laughed when I sent them an e-mail urging them to visit and this was not quite what I had expected, seeing that they didn't laugh when someone put up the Mar Roxas blog. In one person's words, 'Libre namang mangarap eh!' (People are free to dream!) and that's just like saying that Dick Gordon doesn't have a chance of winning.
I can't change people's minds and I can't help how they choose to react. That's their business.
My business is all about getting one message across to as many people as I can and that message is simple... Dick Gordon is best chance your country has for change!
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