All the stuff written here are either my personal opinions or personal direct observations of people, events, places, products, services, etcetera.  Although I check my facts and base my opinions on these facts, I am not infallible and you better check what I've written with other sources.  

If you disagree with my opinion or observation, you may write in the comment section of the post and if I believe that it is worthy of being "approved", I'll approve it.

If you see your name, pictures, video, copy, etc. appears in this blog and want to have it removed, just e-mail me at info.pinoybuzz@gmail.com and I will consider removing it after you've proven that the material is truly indeed yours.

I do not accept money, gifts or favors to write favorably or unfavorably about people, products, events, places, services, and whatever.  If I truly like something and truly think it is worth endorsing to other people, I will write about it.

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