Sunday, August 21, 2005

Gloria Arroyo-Erap Estrada Reconciliation

"Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw." (Thieves hate other thieves.)

So goes the saying, which may have seemed apt until news ran the rounds out yesterday (Saturday August 20) that Gloria and Erap were about to embark on reconciliation, symbolized by shaking hands in front of thousands of El Shaddai devotees at the Rizal Park.

Okay, so the phrase "Honor among thieves" doesn't apply either as one might have gleaned from reading several newspaper stories that it was practically a done deal. Brother Mike Velarde would have been thoroughly overjoyed to have hosted the 'peace agreement' on his stage and maybe had expected it to happen as thousands upon thousands cheered on, 'What a miracle!' But, finally, nothing.

Erap and Gloria didn't even share the stage.

There were appeals for reconciliation, but at the last moment (at least according to newspaper reports) Erap and Gloria didn't even share the stage. The Philippine Daily Inquirer headline says that the deal had been scuttled because the supposed 'peace pact' between Erap and Gloria had been leaked to the press, pre-empted and that allies of opposed camps had voiced their objection to the reconciliation.


If it smells like BS, looks like BS, sounds like BS...

The reasons for the supposed scuttling of the reconciliation are pure BS and even if it did go through, it would be even more BS.

What are they supposed to reconcile?

Are both crooks going to reconcile in an effort to finally gang up on us? Are they going to reconcile as the first step to ridding the Philippines of its major problems, that is by enjoining their allies in a massive death pact?

Reconciliation, as far as Erap and Gloria are concerned, won't do shit for the economy.

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