Friday, August 12, 2005

A Gloria Sex Video ala Paris Hilton?

You never know who you'll bump into or what you'll hear about at Greenbelt 1's Delifrance.

After finally meeting a political consultant friend (from way back when I was still working for then Trade Secretary Mar Roxas) and finding a seat at Delifrance with a cup of coffee in hand, who did we bump into?

Among the many hi-hello brads of my political consultant friend who dropped by was a certain writer of note who we shall name 'N' and apart from swapping stories about how bad the haze is in Malaysia, there came a story about something that made me break out in a loud guffaw.

What I head was a rumor that a VCD had materialized in a meeting among opposition solons. The VCD, after being played, apparently showed hidden video footage of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and a certain cabinet secretary in a compromising situation.

I can't say that the video was of Gloria having sex with a young, HOT (as in SPICY) cabsec and it is definitely not ardent defenders Gonzales or Neri.

But can you imagine the headlines if and when that YUCKERS vcd get's air time?!?

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