Friday, September 02, 2005


Just a few months ago I had a conversation with my Angels as I pondered the fate of my existence while looking up at a starless night sky.

I was so worried about not getting enough writing projects and this would inevitably lead me to begin to whittle my way through my bank account. Lean months coupled with unusually high living expenses (mostly electric bills and house repair bills) had me scrounging around for a few bucks here and there.

So, while looking at the night sky, I just let out a torrent of prayer. First praying the Our Father then Hail Mary and Glory be... After that my mind was silent, then somewhere from deep inside me I began calling out for help to my Angels.

Minutes later I received a call from an old, old friend. A big project was afoot.

The answer to my prayers came so instantly and I am crediting my Angels and ofcourse God Almighty... The Great Old DP (as in Divine Providence)!

Well anyway, a friend of mine, Rochelle showed me a couple of pictures of her twins recently and they had strange images in them... Like wings. We all have come to believe that these are Angels watching over the kids.

See them here:

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