Saturday, September 17, 2005

PNTCC Race Results for Leg One

As promised, herewith are the results for the Philippine National Touring Car Championship Leg One, Rounds 1 and 2 which ran on September 11 at the Batangas Racing Circuit.

Group 1 Top 3 Overall – Round 1 Group 1 Top 3 Overall-Round 2
1.) Enzo Pastor 1.) Jody Coseteng
2.) Jody Coseteng 2.) Kookie Ramirez
3.) Kookie Ramirez 3.) Philipp Alvendia

Group 1 Top 3 Class C- Round 1 Group 1 Top 3 Class C- Round 2
1.) Jonathan Buxton 1.) Jonathan Buxton
2.) Buddy Rutledge 2.) Buddy Rutledge
3.) Philipp Molina 3.) Philipp Molina

Group 3 Top 3 Overall- Round 1 Group 3 Top 3 Overall-Round 2
1.) Renan Morales 1.) Renan Morales
2.) Peewee Mendiola 2.) Peewee Mendiola
3.) Dominic Tan 3.) Miguel Lazaro

Novice – Round 1 Novice- Round 2
1.) Tok Corpuz 1.) Tok Corpuz
2.) Jon Mark Ong 2.) Jon Mark Ong
3.) Rico Esguerra 3.) Rico Esguerra

Jody Coseteng and Enzo Pastor figured in great duelling action as both men trade places through out the race track for the lead with Pastor finally grabbing the checkers. It was during Round Two that Car 18 bowed out due to engine trouble, with Coseteng getting first place and Kookie Ramirez getting second.

Highlights of the September 11 PNTCC race will be broadcast on Slipstream which airs on cable channel Solar Sports Plus (that's channel 35 on Sky and Home, 42 on Destiny) Wednesday night at 8:00PM.

The Philippine National Touring Car Championship Series is a National Series of the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP); the AAP being the representative of the Federation Internationale L’Automobile (FIA) which is the governing body of world motorsports and is also the sanctioning body of Formula One (F1).

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