Monday, February 20, 2006

UP AND AT 'EM! PNTCC Championship Rounds at SIR!

Well, well, well...

Wouldn't you believe it? Jody Coseteng's last podium finish at the Subic International Raceway on February 12 landed him top spot points wise at the Philippine National Touring Car Championships 2005 season.

At 232 points, all he needs to do to ensure abolute victory is just to coast in 10th place in the final two rounds. Talking about this overwhelming lead over other championship contenders Kookie Ramirez and Louis Ramirez had led to several improbable upset scenarios, among which were the possibility of Coseteng suffering massive mechanical failure and thereby stop him from finishing the last two races. With Kookie currently at 2nd overall with 183 points, getting pole position in both of the last two races would win him a possible 50 points and beat Coseteng by just 1 point at 233. And while we're seriously considering this possibility, we might as well start buying thermal underwear because it'll start snowing in the Philippines pretty soon!

According to Lory Uy, the Queen of Team Velocity, Coseteng has never let up even in the face of a sure win. And even if the Abu Sayyaf or the Young Officers Union New Generation blew up Jody's car, no one would be surprised if Jody had a spare race car delivered via helicopter to Subic. HE-HE-HE!

One thing I am wondering about and quite a little sad about is that Jody will be winning the championship without Enzo Pastor in the grid. Oh man! Wouldn't I love to see Pastor's face. Last I heard of pastor was that he quit. Good bye, so long... Thanks for all the fish!

Oh, by the way, there was something the crew of Slipstream and other PNTCC race fans missed... The umbrella girls.... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH baby... They are back.

It had taken Big Boss Richard Santos to round up our favorite honeys for that monthly trip to Subic, but they'll be there on March 4 and 5. We might even get them to wear bikinis and shake their thangs... Or then again, maybe not. We can all dream, can't we?

In any case, I promise to post better pictures of these girls or you could do yourself better by going to the Subic International Raceway.

This is me, Paul Farol, signing off for now.

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