Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slipstream, soon on Channel 23!

Slipstream, the only TV show featuring the races of the Philippine Touring Car Championships (which was known as the Philippine National Touring Car Championships in 2005), will soon be seen on Channel 23 and this has been made possible largely through the support of San Miguel Corporation.

Finally, it seems all that San Miguel beer drinking has not been for naught and is actually supporting my livelihood.

Ah! Good old Danding's livelihood support program has finally trickled down and the 'giving back to the people' has reached poor old me -- call me some time, let's have some nice, ice cold San Miguel beer.

In anycase, it seems all the hardwork put in by the Slipstream crew and the Slipstream frontmen (Carlo Tirona and Dominic Uy) has begun to pay dividends. And you know the saying, the reward for hard work is more hard work.

We'll finally have the money to spiffy the show up a bit, give it more gloss and think up funnier jokes which hopefully won't feature too much of Carlo getting the business end of a wisecrack.

More wit, less slapstick! Less gags, more go!

We have to hand it to Dominic and Carlo, not a few people have said that they make the show loads of fun to watch. With Dominic or Dom playing the straight, gentleman type, Carlo's wackiness flies off much further. Awh! Forget the British humor of Top Gear, it's just too dry and at times its humor digs in too much, becomes a bit snotty.

Plus, we are intent on featuring more sexy.... cars.

And babes, if you actually dig them more than uber modified cars.

Ahhh... What am I talking about? Of course you are more interested in the girls, that's why you're interested in the cars... That's what the cars are for, it's to get the girls... right?
You bunch of horndogs!

Anyway, if there is any particular girl you'd like us to feature, just post a comment and we'll do our best to feature that girl. Ayt!

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