Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Moving on

I can't say that my confidence has not been shaken by the recent turn of events.

However, thinking about it over and over again leads me to believe that I'd probably have acted the same way under the same circumstances. I don't take kindly to crap and I am really vocal whenever I come across things that I find disagreeable. I just don't want to be part of any group that thinks too little of what I have to offer.

All right! Maybe I do come off a bit too brash and too forward for the common Filipino who some times places too much emphasis over 'pakikisama' and 'pakiki-isa'. But, then again, what does pakikisama and pakikiisa have to offer in terms of discerning the right path to take in any situation? If we followed this non-logic, we'd all more likely troup over cliffs and into the sea like lemmings.

Perhaps, the only mistake I made with regard to Slipstream was that I should've resigned before this crap exploded all over the place.


Production Managers do not, in any other other set-up outside of Slipstream, decide on content. That is the job of the producer, writer, and director.

It's even funny, hilariously so, for the Producer to establish a hierarchical relationship among a group of 5 or 6 people where by the Production Manager calls the shots and has the final say over content and execution.

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you know who said...

when the good lord passes, the wise servant bows deeply and SILENTLY farts.

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