Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pinoy Biz Online: Shifting focus

For the past several months, I've been using this blog to promote Slipstream and the Philippine Touring Car Championship races. It was a good run, by certain accounts.

Nevertheless, that bit of my life is over and done. It had been a painful parting.

Before I go on and tell you guys about my plans for this blog, I have to extend my apologies to my friends at Naughty Pinay Scandals who may have been visiting this blog quite regularly to look at the photos of the babes at the Batangas Racing Circuit and the Subic International Racing Circuit. There will still be hot pictures of babes posted now and then, but less regularly so -- if at all. More likely, I will post pics of babes from car shows and I don't know when the next big car show will be.

Instead of Slipstream and the PTCC, I will be focusing on writing about successful Pinoy enterprises, political issues, film reviews, and other topics of general interest.


Certainly, there is more to learn from these things than from the conspicuous hobby spending that goes on in Philippine Motorsports.

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