Thursday, June 08, 2006

PTCC, turning into a demolition derby?

The smash up at the Subic International Raceway figured in by Group 3 during their morning race has prompted Race Fans Inc and AAP to hold a drivers meeting to sort out what was termed as ethical issues.

According to Lory Uy -- a member of the Race Fans organizing staff -- they are concerned that the Philippine Touring Car Championships might gain a reputation for being a demolition derby because of the incident and they are keen on hammering out a solution to prevent such incidents in the future.

During the morning race on June 5, Miguel Lazaro attempted to overtake Peewee Mendiola near the last turn before the straightaway leading to the start/finish line. Some say Lazaro intentionally nudged or bumped into Mendiola's rear bumper, causing it to spin out and slam into the concrete barrier, knocking the barrier out of its place -- one observer saying that this was the first time in 12 years that a smash up caused this to happen. When Mendiola's car finally rested, he got T-boned by Niko Montinola which caused his car to move backwards into the track where it was hit again by JP Carino in the rear.

Race officials, another observer revealed, had reviewed the tapes of the incident and concluded that Lazaro was at fault for wreckless driving. However, the decision had come in the afternoon, after Lazaro had already run the second race for that day.

At least six drivers have reportedly signed a petition saying that they will refuse to race in the next round if Race Fans and AAP allows Miguel Lazaro to race again.

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