Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tale of a lost XDA II

Yesterday, my wife and I spent most of the morning and part of the early afternoon at the Green Hills cellphone bazaar looking around to see if the XDA II she had lost would turn up in one of the stalls.

This had been prompted by a story a couple of months ago that the lost cell phones of 2 of her officemates had turned up there.

We memorized the IMEI number of her cellphone and went to each stall in the sprawling bazaar, looking at XDA II's to see if any would have an idential IMEI number. After looking at every XDA II phone we could find, we turned up with zilch.

The chances of finding a lost cell phone there has very high odds stacked against it.


Two days ago, my wife called up the customer relations service of SM in Santa Mesa and she inquired if anybody had returned her cell phone or if they could give her any leads.

She also inquired about the possibility of looking footage from their surveillance cameras. She was told that that would not be possible since those cameras were not pointed towards the direction of the Pharmacy where she had lost her cell phone and that in any case, the footage taken by the surveillance cameras were only for internal consumption.


Minutes after realizing she had lost her cell phone, my wife had approached the customer relations area of SM in Santa Mesa and the people stationed there were absolutely of no help... Neither were the girls manning the counter of the nearby pharmacy.

One thing about SM is that it refuses to accept any responsibility for the loss of any valuable objects you may be carrying within their store premises. Legally, they may have the right claim, but really... Would it hurt them at all if they could be a little more helpful?


The lesson, always assume that thieves and opportunists outnumber honest people in this world.

Another lesson is that you can never count on the employees of SM to help you out.

Oh, there's also a ton of other observations I'd like to write about regarding the sales people at SM Santa Mesa.

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