Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas thoughts - revised

Need I say that Christmas is fast approaching?

I am listening to Harry Connick's Harry for the Holidays album and before that, I was listening to a couple of Christmas songs by the Carpenters.

It's quite obvious that the Christmas mood has finally hit me, after weeks of enduring the all too early Christmas promotional gimmickry at all the shopping malls I usually pass by to and from meetings with clients. It has been getting much harder and harder to ignore the rows of ham, cheeseballs, and gift baskets piled high in almost every aisle at the mall. I had even caught myself jiggling a bit to the blaring, looped Christmas jingle they pipe through the PA system. On the way home, I tipped the cab driver Php 20.00 on top of the fare he was charging me from his obviously tampered meter -- which registered about 25 percent more than what it should have. What the heck, the cabbie might be Jean Valjean and very rarely do I assume the role of the Bishop without asking God to send a thunderbolt crashing on the thief's head.

I've already relocated the Christmas tree, boxes of ornaments, and yards of twinkling lights from the storage room to the living room. The challenge now is how to get them together without breaking anything or setting something on fire.

I've put aside some money for the cleaning lady who lives with us (a second degree Aunt whom my family has adopted after they were evicted from their homes last year), this will make a hefty bonus on top of the generous salary she receives from my brother.

After about a year of trying to save up money, I've finally put together enough funds to buy a second hand car next year and finally, my wife will stop her constant whining about how hard it is to commute from our place in Sampaloc to the Senate near the Cultural Center of the Philippines area. God! Finally, some hope for peace and quiet.

Hopefully too, being less stressed by the two hour commute by FX, my wife will finally ovulate and then we can get pregnant. Ha ha! That'll be marvelous!

The third and fourth publicity projects I've undertaken has to a certain extent helped a lot of friends with their money problems. But right now I am still trying to either charge more or get my costs down because as a mainline income source, it really doesn't leave me much.

At this time of year, I often find myself expecting some grand culmination to happen. After working my ass off during the long months before the yuletide, I kinda expect to see my efforts amounting to something. If it is amounting to something, I still have yet to see it.

--- more to follow, I gotta break for lunch.

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