Thursday, March 06, 2008

Philippine Senate: Roxas opposes Senate rejection of Supreme Court compromise formula

From the Press Release pile:

Senator Mar Roxas has asked his colleagues to reconsider their decision to reject the Supreme Court's compromise solution. The Supreme Court had proposed a solution whereby CHED Chairman Romulo Neri would appear before the Senate investigation into the controversial NBN deal but would allow him to elude specific questions about the NBN project and his conversations with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on the matter.

In a statement, Roxas said that it would be a choice between pressing for the senate's power to arrest and working out the issues surrounding Executive Privilege.

"Let us not summarily rject a legitimate compromise with the High Court that would ultimately cast light on the intricate issue of Executive Privilege, especially as it impinges upon the commission of a crime, covering up a crime or the imperatives of national security and high diplomacy."

However, Roxas admitted that while accepting the Supreme Court's compromise would allow Neri to appear at the Senate NBN hearing, it would not assure that the CHED Chairman would tell the whole truth this time around.

"We leave it to his conscience to block the truth through executive privilege."

Writer's comment:
Roxas' would rather have Neri show up and say nothing. If so, what's the use of getting him to go to the Senate?

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