Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Angry Manileno from Quezon City discovers a goldmine on the internet

At the end of my Christmas morning blogging post, I mentioned about Laurence Dacanay's blog and I just love blogs with this kind of sense of humor. Other blogs which share a similar sense of humor is Boojie Basilio's Nothing in Particular, which he rarely updates but when he does, it is more often than not a gem.

It's funny how Laurence has taken an interest in blogging. I kinda saw it coming because a few weeks ago, he had mentioned a news article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer which told a story about a Filipino who is making millions off Fireball Planet. The report didn't quote official records (like tax receipts, for example) to substantiate the guy's claim of earning so much money from supposedly selling digital media content (such as mp3 files, e-books, etcetera).

I found Filipino Fireball millionaire a bit dubious and fault the editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for not checking up on the guy's claims.

Anyway, today, the blogs in Inquirer turned up a funny posting on stupid business ideas such as professional gift unwrapping and christmas dinner eating.

This might do better than Fireball Planet!

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