Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pangandaman Jr.-Dela Paz golf feud wouldn't have happened with jolens

Only in the Philippines does carnage over golf rules turn into a national issue.

When the story of Delfin and Bino Dela Paz broke, my heart went out to the father and son who were allegedly beaten up by the son of Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr.

Had a fight broken out in Balic-Balic, Sampaloc over the rules of jolen, it would have been quickly resolved at Presinto Kwatro (half of which has been demolished to make way for the rehabilitation of PNRC line).

All the brawlers would probably spend some time in jail and the incident would have probably merited a paragraph or two in some tabloid. Then, the incident would be forgotten and people would probably go back to playing jolens.

The social dynamics surrounding the Pangandaman-Dela Paz feud in Valley Golf are, of course, imbued with a higher level of significance.

Some bloggers have portrayed it as a case of an official abusing their power and authority. Others have made it into a commentary about the character of Pangandaman Senior and Junior, questioning their fitness for the public offices they hold. Still more people have used it question the rule of law.

But, I for one, want to take it for what it is: It was a brawl.

So file the charges and let justice be done.


Papa Tolits said...

when i personally heard the news from bino (he's my best friend), i was very shocked. i thought he was just kidding. but then i do hope that the ones who started it get jailed. i'm not being biased but it's also for justice..and my best friend.

Admin said...

For Bino's sake, I really hope that charges are filed against the Pangandamans and that the case goes to court.

When it does go to court, it would help immensely if other witnesses could support Mr. Delfin Dela Paz' version of the incident. Otherwise, it will be the Dela Paz' word against the Pangandamans.

A friend of mine who witnessed the incident says that it was Mr. Delfin Dela Paz who attacked first and that is something that the courts or even the DOJ prosecutors or the courts will have to examine -- regardless of whether we believe it or not.
There was even an account that said Bambi was involved in the fray.

Other witnesses, who may be impartial and objective, may be able to straighten things out and perhaps help in revealing the whole truth.

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