Monday, January 26, 2009

Bambee dela Paz Blog yields unsolicited medical advice and an offer of free prescription drugs

Bambee dela Paz's blog continues to draw a lot of comments.

At this point, the comments are coming from bloggers who are arguing over whether or not she's as pure as driven snow or if she faces some manner of culpability in the Valley Golf Brawl.

Her entry, which gives an account of how the brawl transpired, now has over 1,000 comments and her following entry which expresses her gratitude to readers of her blog, has around 500 comments.

It has a deeply committed following and at least three bloggers have gone to extreme lengths to defend Bambee.

I've gotten my share of flak from a few by commenting that Bambee's blog is basically a one-sided account of the Valley Golf Brawl. Of course, I expected to get flak but what I didn't expect was medical advice and an offer of free prescription drugs from a blogger who claims to be Ronald Fronda MD.

I have a mind to ask if this violates any law or body of ethics for medical practitioners.

Here are comments from the blogger claiming to be Dr. Ronald Fronda.

Blogger ronaldfronda,md said...

Paul Farol,

.... bisita ka na lang sa office ko bigyan kita ng pangpakalma at konting antipsychotic para naman maka cope ka sa mga problema mo. Don't worry para sa yo free, bigyan pa kita ng sample na libre, yan naman type nyo eh magpalibre.

January 24, 2009 6:52 AM

January 24, 2009 4:50 PM

Blogger ronaldfronda,md said...

Paul Farol,


Pinabibisita nga kita sa opisina ko para makita at maiksamen kita dahil mukhang malala na ang problema mo, mukhang hindi lang pangpakalma at antipsychotic ang kailangan mo. Hindi ko naman naisip na sobrang bagal mo pala magisip.


January 24, 2009 5:16 PM

Certainly, in the spirit of things as they happened in the comments section of Bambee's blog, I doubt if any kind of legal action will be forthcoming.

If this is the REAL Dr. Fronda, he should be very wary of the legal implications of what he posts in the internet.

If this is not the REAL Dr. Fronda, perhaps the proper authorities in MIAMI should be alerted that somebody is going on line and impersonating him.

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