Saturday, January 24, 2009

Barack's Cellphone

It's called the Sectera Edge.

I spotted this post on Yugatech and I am reposting it here because it is just too juicy to just point a link to it. (My apologies to Yuga.)

The insistence of US President Barack Obama to still carry a mobile phone prevailed over security concerns and he is the first United States president to ever carry one while in the oval office.

Apparently, that means he has to use a secure unit specially made for the NSA — the Sectera Edge {via}. It’s a Blackberry-like device that allows for secure and non-secure communication for making calls, SMS and emails.

There’s no way of knowing what’s inside this celly except for the price tag of $3,500. If you want one, just ring up General Dynamics (the contractor that developed the phone) and ask permission for the National Security Agency to get one.

There is reason to believe that many of our politicians who claim they are like Obama will cough up the almost P200,000 tag price and even bug a couple of people at the National Security Agency to get their hands on a Sectera Edge.

And I would bet Words for Moolah's shift keys that news of somebody here in the Philippines getting their hands on one will make it in the first gap of TV news programs and probably also land in the front page of a major daily broadsheet.

As to whether all its features will work with the cellphone systems here isn't clear. I would assume that special telecoms infrastructure may be needed to make all of its features functional, the most important one being its ability to make calls on it "secure" or untappable. Perhaps Gloria will be interested in having a couple hundred million pesos inserted in the 2009 budget so that she can have the government buy the infrastructure that will support the Sectera's security features. Hmmm...

But certainly, if you were to own one, the act of whipping on out of your pocket will elicit the usual new gadget question, "Hey! What's that?"

And you'd have to roll your eyes, then tiredly reply "It's a Sectera Edge."

And the conversation would go like:

"Ooooh! You mean it's not a Treo?"

"No, but it's exactly like the one used by President Barack Obama. Only ten were made this year and this one is the second that got off the line."


"And now that you've seen it, I'll have to kill you. Hold still while I ram this stylus up your nose!"

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