Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coffee puts voices inside your head

When The Angry Manileno ranted about coffee making people lose their shoes, I laughed and thought about his foot fetish. But this morning while reading through my favorite websites, I realized that he may be on to something and it caused me to blow my fourth cup of coffee out of my nose.

Coffee puts voices inside your head.

Huh? Who said that?!

Yes, it is true. That is, if you believe the research from psychologists at Durham University that says that those with high caffeine intake are more likely to have heard a non-existent person's voice than those who drink one cup a day.

But then again, the research also said that this may have more to do with the kind of people who drink lots of coffee rather than the caffeeine found in your favorite Starbucks concoction.

PhD student Simon Jones, who led the study, explained further that this was a first step towards looking at the wider factors associated with hallucinations.

Simon's Co-author Charles Fernyhough stressed that the study did not confirm that coffee actually causes hallucinations, pointing out that three percent of the people they studied regularly heard voices in their head.

The study, which appears in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, however said that the people studied for the research paper who were more prone to hearing voices inside their head used coffee to cope with their experiences.

Well and good, but I think the research didn't account for how much sleep their coffee drinking subjects had while they were being studied for the research paper. I went without sleep for three days once and near the end of that three days, I could have sworn I had become telepathic because I could hear what people were thinking.

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English To Tagalog The Blog said...

i told you so. there's something fishy going on with all this coffee craze.

those hoity toity coffeeshops are most likely involved in a conspiracy to turn all humans into hallucinating, shoeless freaks.

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