Monday, January 12, 2009

LIbel raps VS. Bambee Dela Paz

Two of my favorite bloggers decided to pay a visit to my blog, ugly Gorilla hunter Political Jaywalker and Scrupulous blogger Words for Moolah.

PJ left a comment which should make Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and most notable Sigourney Weaver swoon for defending the good reputation of peaceful gorillas who don't play golf:

"Our libel law sucks and it is just one of the trapos instrument to harass and intimidate legitimate grievances. I am afraid that their reputation and character are sullied..... no I meant the gorillas when they are unfairly characterized as the Pangandamans, lol. "

And Wordsformoolah -- whose asus eeepc 701 seems to be missing shift keys -- makes a point with:

"i think this isn't the first time here in the philippines that someone was charged with libel over something they wrote in their blog.

"and, if memory serves me right, i think there is a pending measure against the practice of filing cases in courts located in places that are too far away form where the respondent is based.

"obviously, this will be a big hassle for bambee as she now faces the prospect of having to go all the way to mindanao for a court case. for the rich and powerful, this tactic falls under the category of 'pursuing all legal remedies available.'"

I've heard the side of the Pangandamans through two friends and they make pretty good cases against the Dela Paz's, particularly against Delfin. One of those two people, over lunch at Sofitel's Spiral, characterized Delfin as "maangas" and "sobrang maangas". Others have come out in the blogosphere and elsewhere defending the Pangandamans basically by characterizing Delfin (the father of 18 year old Bambee and 14 year old Bino) as a real jerk who fortunately or unfortunately got his come uppance.

Great! And that's why I say that they ought to settle their differences in court and that process, I think, is already underway. Unless, of course, both parties go for an amicable settlement which would be a real let down.

After all, Bambee and her fellow bloggers were all crying for JUSTICE. What happens when they just suddenly shut up and withdraw the case they filed against the Pangandamans?

Will Delfin, Bambee, and Bino just say that pursuing their case against the Pangandamans were just too difficult? Would they whisper loudly that they had been pressured to drop their quest for justice?

At least for Delfin, there is an option to drop his case in exchange for an amicable settlement. However, the case of Bino against Mayor Nasser et al, which is child abuse should go on -- unless prosecutors are bribed to drop the case.

As for the libel suit against Bambee, sure Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. has all the right to file this case to salvage whatever good reputation he may have had before. But you know what, it wasn't Bambee's blog that ruined his reputation, it was his own action.

First of all, I still think that it was completely unnecessary for them to engage Delfin, Bambee, and Bino in a brawl.

There are several versions of how the brawl started but they all have to do with Delfin and an umbrella. One version says that Delfin poked Mayor Nasser with an umbrella and another says that Delfin repeatedly bashed Mayor Nasser with an umbrella. (For all we know, may be it wasn't Delfin but Penguin who hit Mayor Nasser with an umbrella.)

After getting hit by an umbrella, what happened afterwards could not be described as SELF-DEFENSE. When you engage in self-defense the primary motive is to keep yourself from getting harmed and this not necessarily mean you have to beat up your "attacker".

All that needed to be done then was to restrain an old man. There were six people in Pangandaman's party, are they saying it was impossible for them to have restrained Delfin?

Six people beating up one 56 year old man (even if that man is an asshole), is by no means an act of self-defense. The old man was MAULED and so was his son.

Maybe Delfin provoked it, but provocation is by no means a justification for using superior force to beat somebody to a pulp.

Retaliation, or in common parlance "resbak", is what happened. The Pangandamans engaged in retaliation.

Another point with regard to self-defense I'd like to make is that running away is a good form of self-defense too! Maybe Mayor Nasser got so badly beaten up with the umbrella that Delfin used against him that it paralyzed his legs and triggered an epileptic fit that caused him to swing his fists.

So going back to the libel suit against Bambee, I think it is a legal way to harass somebody.

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