Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Printing Office Chief accused of raping 13 year old

After the Valley Golf Brawl and the Alabang Boys, perhaps the newest government teledrama will be the case of National Printing Office Director Enrique Agana.

Parts of it have the flavor of the Valley Golf Brawl, especially after the Dela Paz's are allegedly negotiating with the Pangandamans for a settlement which may or may not include a several million pesos. Delfin has been said to go around the offices of various senators demanding that they give money to support his daughter's golf training and now is said to be using the charges filed against the Pangandamans as leverage to get funding for his daughter's golf training.

Anyway, the story from the Philippine Daily Inquirer says that Agana faces the charge of raping a 13-year-old girl after Concerned Citizen Napoleon Bunagan Jr. filed a sworn statement at the Department of Social Welfare and Development on January 16. The statement was the DSWD's basis for taking the girl into custody.

Agana has denied the charges and said that a syndicate in the NPO was behind the smear campaign against him because they stand to lose at least P300 million worth of contracts from the NPO.

Agana explained that the design of all government account forms are going to be standardized and this would do away with the services of private printing firms. He said that the move would reduce the expenses of local government units as well as curtail graft and corruption.

He admitted, however, that he was a close friend of Carmen, the victim’s mother, and that he had grown fond of the young girl whom he had known since she was just 4 years old. He added that he was even planning to adopt the girl, which was probably why the syndicate was trying to use her against him.

Carmen said the accusations against Agana were concocted by Bunagan, Francisco Datu and a woman identified only as Yanni.

Bunagan, she told the Inquirer, has a printing company. She further claimed the three tried to take advantage of her naivete and closeness to Agana.

Carmen said that she was convinced to blackmail Agana after she was offered P10 million. They said that the money would be given to her when the contract for printing was awarded to the group.

She said that she backed out of the group's plan when she learned that they intended to hurt her daughter to make it appear that she was raped.

The mother sought help to locate her daughter after DSWD workers took her from her school. She, however, failed to find her daughter in several DSWD offices.

Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza Cabral, in a phone interview, confirmed that the girl was in their custody. Cabral said the department’s National Capital Region office, with the help of the National Bureau of Investigation, carried out the “rescue operation.”

She assured Carmen, however, that the DSWD would get in touch with her once it has finished interviewing her daughter and studying the complaint against Agana. Cabral identified Carmen, the mother, as being part of the problem.

Bunagan, meanwhile, denied that he had concocted the rape story through his lawyer.

Oh well! Is this a sign of some new kind of extortion? I only wish that the child really didn't get raped for P10 million.

Iba iyong magpabugbog ka at ipabugbog mo anak mo sa golf club para makahingi ng golf scholarship sa US or pangtustos sa golf training. Iba iyong ipa-rape mo anak mo para sa sampung milyong piso.


Political Jaywalker said...

Wala bang rape kit? DSWD should have the girl examined and once that is determined then Agana is liable. As for the blackmail, that is also a crime that Agana has to prove but if indeed he raped the girl he is still criminally liable.

Admin said...

Hindi ko nasundan iyong storya kahapon eh, I saw parts of it sa TV Patrol but no mention was made about a rape kit.

I was at the Red Cross Headquarters all day, Filipino families repatriated from Gaza were there. Na-extract sila with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross a.k.a. the real heros in any war.

Grabe talaga PJ ang sinasapit ng mga kababayan natin duon. Kung nadinig mo lang sana iyong mga kwento nila.

Tsk tsk tsk!

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