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Pangandaman Jr.'s side of the Valley Golf Brawl

I don't know how long the brawl between the Pangandamans and Dela Paz's at the Valley Golf and Country Club actually lasted but the story seems to drag on forever.

Today, the Dela Paz's will be filing charges against the Pangandamans at the Antipolo Prosecutor's office. Just right now, a report on DZMM says that they Dela Paz's have acquired the services of Atty. Raymond Fortun.

So far, it is the Dela Paz's side of the brawl at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo that has received a lot of attention on the internet and in traditional news media here in the Philippines.

DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. and Masiu City Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. had each taken turns to air their side of the story two or three days after news of the incident broke out. Perhaps, this was after realizing that keeping silent regarding the incident was only doing more harm to them than good. Certainly, it wasn't because news reporters weren't interested in their side of the story.

Unfortunately, the Pangandaman's silence during a crucial period allowed the Dela Paz's side of the story to become well entrenched. By the time the Pangandamans did come out with their side of the story, a lot of people's opinions on the matter had already been set and at this point, it will be very hard to convince people to change their views on the matter. The court of public opinion had already ruled the Pangandamans guilty of all sorts of crimes by the time they came out to defend themselves.

When Mayor Nasser Jr.'s issued his statement regarding the incident on DZMM's Dos por Dos, not a few people drinking coffee that morning found themselves spitting their drink through their noses.

In the first part of his interview, Nasser Jr. said that it was Delfin Dela Paz who approached him and attacked him first.

Following his claim of self-defense, he explained certain golf rules in an effort to say that the Dela Paz's were the first to break these rules and therefore paint them as unruly members of the Golf Club. Then Nasser Jr. said that at the Tee House between holes 4 and 5, it was Delfin Dela Paz who approached him, cussed at him, and then poked him with an umbrella.

Comments posted to the Youtube video of Mayor Nasser Pangandaman's interview on DZMM's Dos por Dos is somewhat indicative of the public's opinion on his claim of self-defense. Of course, looking at the hundreds of comments on Bambi Dela Paz' blog also reveals public sentiments against the Pangandamans.

Even a lengthy article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer describing the illustrious and sterling reputation of the Pangandamans did little to save them from a virtual flogging in cyberspace.

In anycase, I've always doubted that the Court of Public Opinion when it comes to finding out the truth in anything.

Right now, Bambi Dela Paz along with her brother and father Delfin Dela Paz are being cast in the role of underdogs in a fight against the powerful Pangandamans. Bambi has even been referred to the spokesperson in the media storm that has followed the wake of what has been called the Valley Golf Brawl.

Bambi seems to be the natural choice as spokesperson for the Dela Paz', however, I doubt the soundness of the advice that probably led her to say: "Sana po mapalabas nila ang katotohanan. Sana 'di sila [magpadala] sa kahit anong impluwensya (I hope they will be able to come out with the truth. I hope they will not be swayed by influence)," Bambee dela Paz asked the NBI during an interview with ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda.

It insinuates that if the NBI's investigation into the Valley Golf Brawl doesn't bolster their side of the story, then the NBI must be working under the influence of the powerful Pangandamans. This isn't fair at all, is it?

Then there is this rather lengthy post in Love Versus Vodka, a blog I stumbled upon, that gives Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr.'s side of the story.

The world is indeed screwed. Pangadaman side of story here.

The dela Paz siblings should be banned from jungolf & all golf courses.

They were a flight of two when the club prohibited it bacause it was a holiday. They went ahead & teed off + hit mulliganin hole 4 (par 3) w/o any warning when the flight of the Pangandamans was still walking to there balls to putt/pitch there 2nd shots. In hole 5 (par 4), they again teed off w/o warning when the Pangandaman players didn't even hit their 2nd shots yet.

The Pangandamans peacefully proceeded with their game. They told the club marshall that dela Paz flight can go ahead. Delfin dela paz went to Mayor Pangandaman, shouted "PI mo, hindi mo ba ako kilala, member ka ba dito?". dela Paz hit Mayor Pangandaman with his umbrella. The mayors older brother got the umbrella from dela Paz' hand. dela Paz punched the Mayors brother . Bino dela Paz grabbed a golf club & hit the Mayor.

The Pangandamans wanted to leave the golf club when another dela Paz group attacked the Pangandamans with bats & ice picks at the main club house. - Testimonies from witnesses will prove that dela paz clan are liars. Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. was awarded, "The Most Outstanding Mayor in RP". Why will Mayor Pangandaman do something so low without being provoked? Delfin dela paz' arrogance started the fight.Real story:Your voices have been heard and now it’s time for us to let everyone know the real story regarding the incident in Valley Golf…..

An investigation has been initiated and we suggest we let it take its course. The other party has also aired its side. And it will be prudent to just wait for the results of the investigation. We pray and believe that the truth will come out and the issue be put to rest once and for all.
Below is a true and actual narration of the incident that happened last December 26, 2008 at the Valley Golf Club, Antipolo, Rizal.
On December 26, 2008 at around 11:00am, our group composed of Rene Maglanque, Sec. Nasser Panagandaman, Arnel Estacio and Atty. Faisal Abdullah registered to play with the Valley Golf on the first (1st) flight of our group. The second (2nd) flight was composed of Hussein Pangandaman, Adnan Pacasum, Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. and Farah Locsin. We also registered the eight year old son of Hussein named Angelo Pangandaman whom they cannot leave behind the clubhouse as there will be no one to take care of him.

Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. and Farah Locsin were late. They caught up with their flight (2nd) at hole no. 4 accompanied by a marshall and their caddies riding on two golf carts and in the process overtaking the flight of Mr. Delfin de la Paz who reacted by protesting what seems to be an overtaking of flight. Nasser Jr. explained to the elder De la Paz that they will just catch up and join their flight mates at hole no. 4. He further explained that they, who like them, had earlier lined up to play and were pre-registered. With the said explanation, del Paz replied “Okey, kortesiya lang.”

When the 2nd flight of Nasser Jr. already played hole no. 4 which is a par 3 and Nasser Jr. was still outside of the green trying to pitch his ball into the green, the flight of dela Paz hit their shots into the green which almost hit Hussein without shouting “Fore!”. Surprised, though sensing trouble which they deemed to choose to avoid, they allowed the other Dela Paz player to hit his shot so they can peacefully resume and concentrate on their playing. At this point, the caddy of Nasser Jr also took the 8 year old Angelo to stay behind the golf cart to avoid being hit by golf balls coming from the dela Paz players.

On the next hole which is hole no. 5, after the 2nd Pangandaman flight hit their drives into the fairway and before they could hit their second shots, again the dela Paz players hit their drives without warning by shouting “fore”! the 2nd Pangandaman flight puzzled and surprised asked themselves why the flight behind them were doing this to them since they could be hit by their golf balls. One caddy even said, “Ano ba yun?”

When the 2nd flight reached the green of hole no. 5 and after holing out, they joined the 1st flight of Sec. Pangandaman and took their snacks. While doing so, the marshall approached and told Nasser Jr. that the dela Paz’s were complaining why they were 5 of them in their group and why they overtook their flight. Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshall what he explained to the elder dela Paz, which his knowledge the former already accepted his explanation.

Later, unconvinced even after the marshall relayed to him that there were only four (4) and not five (5) in their flight, and that they were not overtaking as they just had to go back to the clubhouse and later join their flight.

The elder dela Paz came and approached Nasser Jr. already agitated and pointing saying, “Mali ka! There were two carts in your flight and you overtook us!” Nasser Jr. answered, “Akala ko po, Sir, nagkaintindihan na ho tayo kanina”.

Explaining about them not overtaking yet elder dela Paz was not convinced , and at the top of his voice said, “Putang ina ka! Member ka ba dito, ha?, Hindi mo ba ako kilala?”

Nasser Jr. patiently and respectfully explained again to him their side, even using “po” and “Sir” – as a sign of respect without revealing that he is the Mayor of Masiu, Lanao del Sur, and replied, “Bakit po kayo sumisigaw? Hindi po tayo nag-aaway”.

The elder dela Paz reacted, “Ikaw ang naghahanap ng away!”, while pulling his umbrella and thrusted the pointed part and hit the belly of Nasser Jr., while the latter was backing up.

The marshall tried to intervene but the elder Dino dela Paz pressed on which prompted and led Hussein to defend his brother. Dela Paz punched Hussein and they engaged in a fist fight.

Meantine, Nasser Jr., prevented the two (2) younger dela Paz from joining the fight by saying, “Awat na, Awat na”. but they got away from him and went in between their father and Hussein. The two young dela Paz was able to hold Hussein preventing him to reach the elder dela Paz as if “umaawat”. Yet, Bino Lorenzo dela Paz kept punching Hussein in the face and Marie dela Paz from behind kept on scratching his face.

In one instance, the elder Dino dela Paz took hold of a golf club driver and tried to hit Hussein. But, Rene Maglanque was able to get hold of the driver’s shaft and took it away from him.

Later on, Sec. Pangandaman, Rene Maglanque, and another golfer from another flight pacified everybody and asked the dela Paz’s to just leave them to prevent further trouble. Delfin dela Paz called someone in his cellphone and we heard him say, “Punta kayo ditto! May away kami!”

The dela Paz’s left. And, after about ten minutes, our group also discontinued playing and went back to the clubhouse. When Hussein was hurrying up to the bathroom to relieve himself and wash his wounds, the elder Dino dela Paz accosted him and warned him in a threatening voice, “Ikaw mag-ingat ka! Hindi pa tayo tapos! Gagantihan kita!”

Blocking is way to the locker room, Hussein replied, “Hindi ka pa ba umaalis? Sumusobra ka na”, the young Bino Lorenzo went in the middle saying, “Huwag po, fourteen years old lang ako”, and yet having his fist ready to give him a punch.

Hence, Hussein defended himself and the three engaged in another fist fight. Maridel dela Paz came from behind Hussein and started scratching Hussein on the right cheek, the neck, and ear, while pulling and tearing his shirt.

Immediately after, they were prevented from further engaging in a fist fight by those present in the clubhouse, the security and other golfers. But the elder dela Paz still shouted “Gaganti ako. Hindi pa tayo tapos.”

The rest of the dela Paz family arrived, with the eldest son carrying a baseball bat. The wife in “duster” with a bladed weapon in hand, as if ready to assault Hussein. They were likewise prevented by the clubhouse security and other golfers present.

At this point, Sec. Pangandaman told his sons to leave already and the dela Paz’s to stop and leave, so that no more untoward incident would happen. Soon, we also left but we had to leave through the parking exit because the dela Paz family was waiting for us at the clubhouse lobby.

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