Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Valley Golf expels Dela Paz, bans Mayor Nasser for life

I kinda like it when people take the time and effort to leave a comment on my blog. It makes me feel all warm and tingly, somewhat.

For example, here's one from blogsurdities on "Golf justice: Dela Paz expelled from Valley Golf C...":

That is NOT a fair decision! What is wong with the sense of justice of the Philippine courts? My, my, my being a small town mayor really gives you a lot of "rights" to bamboozle other folks? And the same guy who acts like a uncivil barbarian at a country club wanted to control blogger's rights to blog? Is he crazy or simply a moron?
Dear blogsurdities,

The decision to expel of Delfin Dela Paz and ban for life Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr. from the Valley Golf Country Club (VGCC) was not an act of our court system.

I think that the decision was done in favor of all the other VGCC members who do not like other members and their guests brawling on the greens.

However, while the decision seems laudable and even Solomonic, for its fairness you'd have to agree that this doesn't really do much. After all, the damage has already been done and people will remember the incident as a turning point when a golf course turned into a boxing ring or biker bar.

I wonder if they'll feature mud wrestling on the banks of their water hazards?

If the VGCC had been on their toes the whole time, the Valley Golf Brawl shouldn't have happened.

Firmness when it comes to club rules would have prevented the Dela Paz's from putting off with just two people in their flight instead of the required four. Discrete security personnel a.k.a. bouncers at the teehouse between Holes 4 and 5 could have kept Dela Paz from getting himself beaten up.

In any case, Mayor Nasser and Delfin Dela Paz are both welcome to play jolens in my back yard. I'll even have Secretary Neri and former Comelec Chairman Abalos serve chinese ham-boor-jers a.k.a. thick slices of Ma-Ling between cuts of silver bread rolls.

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