Monday, February 09, 2009

The last flight of Fedex leaves Subic, Philippines

I had ignored several e-mails regarding the last flight of FedEx out of Subic and just saw a TV report on GMANews.TV, which on the whole left me asking: Who's leaving next?

I had ignored the e-mails about FedEx's last flight because I had been hearing about it for the past two or three years. According to SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza, news of FedEx abandoning its Asian Hub in the Philippines first broke some five years ago. This implies that whatever business decision that led to its pull out in the first week of February isn't because of the current global recession.

Gordon had pointed out before that the Payumo led and backed construction of a shipping port near the FedEx airstrip was one of the factors. There were many other reasons, I am sure.

Recently, I heard Senator Pia Cayetano bemoaning the loss of trees in Subic due to some construction or development within the area.

She sees trees, perhaps a couple dozen or a hundred, but doesn't see the bigger picture.

In any case, it was a sad sight to see the last flight of FedEX. Especially when you consider that it signalled the emergence of Subic as an international investment hub in the Asia Pacific.

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English To Tagalog The Blog said...

I heard that prior to leaving subic the company decided to change its name to FedUP.

Sorry I couldn't resist saying it.

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