Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Lotto numbers 6-12-20-26-33-34 win P 347 Million


At least two people out of the estimated 92 million Filipinos may be looking forward to spending the rest of their lives in greater comfort.  That is, if they get to collect the P 347 Million Super Lotto Jackpot which was drawn last night.

The two winners may be splitting the prize in half, unless of course they meet each other at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office lobby and decide to engage in a duel.

The jackpot on Feb. 19 exceeded last year’s record pot of more than P249 million, which was won by a construction worker from Novaliches, Quezon City, in April 2008.

Like the millions of other Super Lotto bettors, I had been dreaming of what I'd do with the jackpot but alas!

Fellow bloggers Wordsformoolah, Citizen Earl, and Professional Heckler had a few good ideas about what would happen if they won the Super Lotto jackpot.  

Some of them were pretty good, like Earl's:

I did some checking and number-crunching and learned that P320 million can:

1. Pay for the enrolment fees of 8,421 nursing students at the University of Santo Tomas for one semester;

2. Buy Compaq Presario notebook computers (assuming non-availment of bulk purchase discount) for 8,888 high school and college students;

3. Double the P8,000 monthly salary of 6,666 nurses who will sign up for six months of countryside service under the Department of Health's NARS program;

4. Help the Department of Social Welfare and Development serve an additional 21,333 families for one year through its Pantawid sa Pamilya program;

5. Sustain the operations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish - Kamuning for at least 42 years at current prices; and

6. Build 721 units of e-jeepneys (P400,000 per unit) and charge their batteries for one whole year at P120 per day.
Wordsformoolah imagines how he'll collect the Super Lotto jackpot:
Redeeming my winning lottery ticket would obviously be a big problem. Who knows what goes on when a lottery winner walks in at the PCSO office. Will they take a picture of me holding up a larger-than-life check with the figure "P320,000,000.00" painted in big, bold, highlighted typeface? Will they make me sign my real name on a voucher or receipt?

Thoughts like these are exactly the reason why I think I should be ready with a disguise. That way I can go claim my prize incognito. I've actually thought up a neat disguise, which for obvious reasons, I will not divulge. But I will say it will involve some prosthetics, heavy metalworks and a piece of fruit.

There is however one big problem that I haven't figured out yet. What if they tell me that the giant check is the check?
Perhaps, now, the question a lot more people can try to answer is this:  What good does it do to lose the lotto?

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