Friday, February 13, 2009

Want out of ennui? Vote for Dick Gordon. Vote for Transformational Politics.

Ennui is a word meaning general lack of interest or boredom, or depression.
-- wikipedia

I am just soooo tired of everything.

I want to scream "Stop the WORLD! I want to get off!"

Yesterday, I updated my status on Facebook after hearing Mar Roxas give a number of reasons why the First Gentleman's presence in the Senate Hearing on the World Bank Scandal was not required.

I said that I wanted the First Gentleman there precisely to see if he'll get a heart attack.

It sounds cruel and inhuman, for sure.

Think of the repercussions if the First Gentleman sticks his tongue out and keels over dead on the floor of one of Senate's session halls.

We can count on all of our Senators to say that the First Gentleman was a good man and all the usual crap that gets said when somebody dies.

Then again, would it be so different if he keeled over on some Golf Course?

Same thing I guess.

The reason why I am suffering ennui is that for the past eight years, I've been on the receiving end of bad news about our President and the First Gentleman.

I think the real PR strategy here is to make it seem that corruption is the norm. The strategy is to inundate the people with so many stories about how corrupt the First Couple are so that everyone will go numb. Then the real rape will begin, if it hasn't commenced already.

Just how much money has already been stolen from the nation's coffers? No one knows.

Aren't you sick of this shit?

This is exactly what happens when you pick a President because of factors other than being qualified for the job. The three years before Gloria ran for President and the three years that Estrada spent as President should have been enough to convince people that neither Gloria nor Erap's Proxy deserved the votes they were getting or stealing.

This is exactly what happens when the media portrays a Presidential race as either a horse race or a boxing match. This is what happens when the purveyors of information, spew stories about popularity and wealth as basic determiners of who will win in 2010. This is what happens when people like John Nery says that the 2010 elections are all set!

I for one have already registered and I picked my candidate early.

He's not a front runner in Presidential surveys. He is not a billionaire. He doesn't have a party, well not yet.

But do you know what he's got?

He has a forty year track record proving that he can lead people from dire situations and bring them to deliverance. The first time he did that was in the 1980s, in Olongapo.

To prove that his accomplishment wasn't a fluke, he did it again with the Subic Naval Base -- a facility that was a wasteland when he got to manage it and this was a time when the entire Central Luzon region was struggling with the aftermath of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

And then, for a third time, he proved himself on a national scale with tourism. Before him, tourism was called a minor cabinet position and he proved that there was no such thing as a minor cabinet position.

When he became Secretary of Tourism, it didn't have a promotions budget and the country was besieged on all sides with negative publicity, tourists avoided the Philippines like a plague infested village. He worked his ass off, reversed the declining number of tourist arrivals, and at the end of his term as Tourism Secretary, he managed to get 2,000,000 tourists to come to the Philippines.

That is why you have your Boracay, your Panglao, your Donsol, your Cebu, your Intramuros, your Vigan, your Laguna, and other tourist destinations that make YOU PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO!

If you want CHANGE, this man is THE MAN.


Olongapo was a first. So was Subic. So was Wow Philippines.

And it isn't something that is MERELY NEW, CHANGE should represent a major departure towards something BETTER than whatever we had in the past.

That's why he pushed for and succeeded in getting the Comelec to FINALLY go through with Automated Elections in 2010.

That's why he pushed for and succeeded in getting the Tourism Law passed so that our economy will have another engine for economic growth -- better than OFW remittances and billion dollar investments that hardly create enough jobs.

Tourism is a future industry that will make it possible for our OFWs to find jobs in their HOME LAND, so at the end of a long day showing the foreigners how GREAT our land is and how GREAT we are as a people, he can come home to his wife and children!

That's why I say, vote for Dick Gordon.

In my book, all the other candidates are the same. Moneyed and popular, with nothing else to show or prove that they deserve to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

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