Monday, March 09, 2009

Better or just a different Philippines?

I am always amused by people who think they know better or have something that's better.

Whenever I hear of somebody claiming something is better, a TV cameraman whom I will call the 'Better Cameraman' always comes to mind.  He always has something even better and there really is no way of knowing whether it's a true story or not.  

For instance, if you tell him that you've just bought a laptop which you think is a real bargain, he'll tell you that another laptop with higher specs went on sale the same day that you bought your laptop or that the exact same laptop went on sale somewhere.

On one hand, the Better Cameraman is a very likeable fellow and very good at his job.  If you get to talk with the guy for the first time and he tells you about something better, you'd think he was just being helpful.  

On the other hand, as you get to know him even more, you begin to suspect that he's other making up these claims for better or that he's just interested in one upsmanship.

Most of the times, whenever I hear claims that something is better, I usually just let it pass without comment.  Then there are times, when for one reason or another, I make the mistake of challenging the better claim by sniping at obvious flaws.

Some times, it can be a real learning experience.  Some times, you just end up in an arguement with the person espousing something that is claimed to be better.

In either case, I take my losses and gains quite happily because I really don't know better.

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