Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The first flu of the year

I usually don't get sick but when I do get sick, it's like going down with almost all the ailments that I didn't catch when everybody else was having it.

The flu I got started on Friday.  A sneezing bout in the car while driving, nothing much.  Then came the runny nose.  By Saturday morning, I was already out of sorts when I woke up and tried to blog about the Right to Reply Bill.  Pure dribble came out, a few lines but no cohesion and no rage -- Mr. Furious seemed to have left me.

My cellphone made a knocking sound, it was the text message alert I had programmed it with.  It was F telling me that everybody who was supposed to be at the Red Cross meeting was already there.  I rolled up my eyes and tried not to take a bite out of my laptop's screen.

I texted back that I was sick.  Not really knowing what I was sick of (Work? Writing? Feeling guilty for not being at the boss' beck and call 24/7?).

I spent most of the weekend trying to sleep it off but one thing or another kept getting in the way.

Monday came and I was still down with it.  Nose clogged up, fever running high now and then, chills, aches all over my body, and no appetite.  I felt like I was knocking on heaven's door.

Then, today.  I slept at noon and woke up at 4 PM.  Most of the symptoms seem to have gone, just a slight sniffle and a slight throbbing around my temples.

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