Saturday, March 07, 2009

Google Chrome is great

I've had Google Chrome installed on my laptop for some time now and so far, I've grown to like it more than Firefox.

I got the link for the Google Chrome download at Webstats Motigo.

Unlike other internet browsers, Google Chrome opens with thumbnails of the websites you've visited the most.  With Internet Explorer and Firefox, the only option you have is to assign what page it opens up to when you start it up.

This feature of Chrome is quite convenient for me as I normally open not only my e-mail but also log on to Facebook, Blogger,,, and a few other websites when I log on to the internet.

Another feature of Chrome which I found a bit magical is that I don't have to configure the browser's proxy settings when I change locations from home to my workplace.  With Firefox and Internet Explorer, I usually have to open up 'options' and tinker with the settings a bit so I can connect to the wi-fi at the office.

I have been visiting all sorts of websites using Chrome and I've had no problems viewing the pages I've visited so far.  There were a number of time that it did give me the option of 'killing' the page, but I think this has a lot more to do with the speed of my internet connection.  (I use a dial up connection at home and that's when I usually get the 'kill' message or 'DNS error'.)

The Chrome also has a neat option that allows you to report a broken link.

A friend at work, though, says that Google Chrome doesn't work well on his laptop.  I'm using Chrome on an old Neo (It's a relatively low priced laptop that I've had for around 2 years now.  It has an Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor at 1.6GHz 590 MHz, 504 of RAM, and that's just about all I can tell you based on what System tells me.)  My friend's laptop is on the higher end and so I don't know why he said that it Chrome runs slower on his laptop.

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