Monday, March 23, 2009

Manny Villar's grand entrance at a fiesta nearly kills people

It is a usual recourse of politician who are running for one position or another to attend fiestas as a way of introducing and ingratiating themselves with voters.

Manny Villar, who claims to a be a contender for the 2010 Presidential elections, apparently wasn't satisfied with just getting his PR people to publish articles about his P 10 Billion political war chest. He wanted to show it off as much as he can.

At the Rodeo Festival in Masbate, Villar had set up his entrance to be as grand as possible.

To the blaring sound of music, he orchestrated his arrival on a luxurious helicopter.

Apparently, the ostentatious show was too much for the crowd and the horses in the rodeo. Five horses went wild and nearly ran over several people in the crowd, causing a stampede.

Beware of candidates such as this, Machiavelli warns of politicians seeking positions who nurture a reputation for liberality (with money) and but later starve the people with heavy taxes.

Villar already said that he will increase taxes when he steps in. Right now the BIR is over taxing people with the right hand and collecting bribes with the left hand. In Caloocan, Ever Gotesco was assessed back real estate taxes amounting to P722 Million for the Grand Central property it was LEASING from the Caloocan City government. When it refused to pay, Ever was harrassed by the Caloocan City government.

What can we expect from Villar when he wins as President? Gun wielding taxmen.

Cowboy Manny spooks horses, guests in rodeo
By Ephraim Aguilar
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 06:08:00 03/22/2009

MASBATE CITY – Talk about a dramatic entrance.

A helicopter descended from the heavens, stirring up dust, while a political jingle played at full blast. Senator Manuel Villar, who came dressed as a cowboy, alighted from the chopper and was brought to the grandstand by a mob of aides and supporters.

This happened in the middle of the opening ceremonies of the annual Rodeo MasbateƱo festival here on Wednesday, disrupting a speech by a top local tourism official.

Five horses, spooked by the chopper’s landing, dashed around the stadium like mad creatures and ran over a boy who was injured and rushed to the hospital.

Dr. Adolfo Almanzor, provincial health officer, said the boy arrived at the hospital semiconscious and was found to have suffered abrasions on his face as well as cerebral contusions.

Meanwhile, the star-struck masses howled as cowboy Villar paced closer and started shaking everyone’s hand.

Villar, who is running for president in 2010, later delivered a speech.

Respect culture of place

For most people, the senator’s entrance was too grand to ignore.

But for education supervisor Erusita Rosero, cultural coordinator of the Department of Education in Masbate City, Villar’s behavior was not proper.

“No one should disrupt an activity like that. Visitors should properly respect the culture of a place,” Rosero said.

“Since he (Villar) was invited by politicians, there could also be something political behind his visit,” she added.

So sorry

Rosero said all guests were welcome to Masbate. She added there was nothing wrong with inviting Villar but his visit should not be used as an opportunity to campaign.

Throughout the opening rites, Villar was repeatedly referred to by emcees and other politicians as the “next president of the Republic of the Philippines.”

Asked for comment, Villar said he had no intention of disrupting the event and apologized to those who felt offended.

“From what I know, there were some [safety] issues but the pilot was able to land without too much disruption. Nevertheless, if some people were inconvenienced, I apologize. The very warm reception of the crowd on that occasion encourages me to return to Masbate soonest,” he said.

Not intentional

Masbate Governor Elisa Kho, who was with Villar during his late entrance, said the circumstances were not within the senator’s control.

She said they already apologized to Maria Ong-Ravanilla, regional director of the Department of Tourism, for unintentionally disrupting her speech.

“I think it was not being disrespectful,” Kho said in a phone interview.

She added that the 2010 elections were not that far off and politicians tend to grab every opportunity to introduce themselves to the public.

“It cannot be avoided,” Kho said.

She also said that Villar pledged support for the annual rodeo festival and to Masbate province once he was elected president.

Why not the airport?

Local trader Carmelito Fajara, 37, said there were varied reactions from Masbate residents. Some were offended, while others couldn’t care less.

“But since the city has an airport, I think it would have been wiser if [Villar] had landed there so he could quietly enter the stadium,” Fajara said.

“It’s only now, after many years, that I have witnessed such a scene during the rodeo festival!” he added.

“Dili pa ngani siya nagiging presidente (He is not even president yet),” was another comment from a local resident.


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