Friday, March 06, 2009

The name game by Meester Eff

Just to sharing a blog entry by my Kuya Gene.

I was just reading an article in the Washington Post about a lady who's name got rejected by Facebook. Her maiden name is Batman.

Had she gone to Multiply that probably would not have been a problem. I know this for a fact, otherwise Meester Eff would not exist. Meester Eff is a not my real name, but it's real enough to my friends. And that's all that matters with me.

A name can only be funny or 'unusual' in certain contexts.

Malu Wang doesn't sound funny in English. But it's funny in Tagalog.

In my multi-ethnic, multicultural city, I've come across several names that might have aroused some grins or nudges somewhere else. Here, it's okay to ask people the origin of their names but not okay to exclude or discriminate against them because of it.

I once met a Mrs. Forskin. “No E”, she said, when I was writing down her name.

I've also worked with Epthia, Ephrosia and Nektaria, three wonderful and beautiful Greek girls who use the names Effie, Rose and Nikki in the office.

We have a Scottish-Irish lady whose last name is Burningham. Yes, as in “burning ham”. We never talk about cooking.

But talking about cooking, how about this chinese restaurant that I found? They have Hong Kong style roast pork, roast duck and soy chicken hanging in the window and the food tastes great. I just never see any English-speaking white folk go in there. It's called Ka Ka Lucky Seafood Restaurant.

I bet Ka Ka doesn't mean crap in chinese.

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