Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Negros River Cruise Vs. Bohol's Loboc River Cruise

As far as competitions between Philippine tourist destinations are concerned, I think that the proper attitude should be the one admonished by the Olympics. And that is, I think, the attitude of using competitions to push everybody's performance to a higher level.

I just came across an article on 'Negros River Cruise tops Bohol's Loboc' and here's an excerpt:
Sagay Mayor Leo Rafael Cueva said the Himogaan River Cruise has a lot to offer compared to famous floating restaurants in Bohol's Loboc River.

Aside from generating income for the community, the river cruise promotes environmental awareness. "We have a longer river. Wider. And we have different landscapes along the way. We're full of sugarcanes and coconut trees. We'll see mangroves," said Cueva.
My brother, Meester Eff, out of the generosity of his big heart treated me to a trip to Bohol and we took the Loboc River Cruise.

This picture has nothing to do with the Loboc River Cruise,
it's just one of the tarsiers we saw on the way to Loboc.
And my way of saying that I wish I had taken more pictures
instead of video.

Anyway, what happens in the Loboc River Cruise is this:

You get a ride to the place where the River boats are parked. On the way there, you'll see a half finished concrete bridge (this is another story). Once you get to the dock, you pay a small fee which will buy you a ride on the boat.

On the boat (which is actually two big boats lashed together under a sturdy platform) you'll find tables, chairs, and a buffet. It's actually a floating eat all you can buffet.

As the ride commences, a guitar player will begin singing all sorts of Visayan songs as well as well loved country songs. If you like the songs of John Denver with a thick Visayan accent, you'll love the cruise.

The trip lasts for about 30 minutes or more. As you eat really good Filipino food (spring rolls, barbecued chicken and pork, noodles, grilled fish, and other native fare), you'll move lazily through the lush greenery of the river banks.

As for Negros' Himogaan, I doubt if it really tops the Loboc River Cruise and the only way is to really know is to go there.

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