Saturday, March 07, 2009

Plans and Platforms don't get voted into office, people do.

Better Philippines says:
"Instead of basing your choice on the politicians they represent why not base it on the SPECIFIC PLANS (not motherhood vision statements) that these politicians propose. Simply put, let’s support the PLANS, the PLATFORMS not the personality."
I agree but with a minor distinction.

I think the better way of stating it is "let's support the PLANS, the PLATFORMS not JUST the personality."

Plans and platforms can be the ugly sisters of motherhood vision statements.  

This is especially so when the person espousing or advocating such a plan or platform had nothing to do with such a plan or platform for most of their lives and only adopted the plan or platform a few months before the election.

You have to look at who's talking and figure out if they can really deliver their on their plans and platforms.  

What experience does the person have in making the things in his platform happen?  What is their track record for succeeding?

You can even try to get a closer look and weed out any embellishments in their vaunted experience or track record.

Then again, even with the best effort at scrutinizing a candidate, there are still risks but these can be mitigated later by a citizenry that is able to make the candidate accountable for their campaign promises.

What makes good candidates bad leaders is the fact that most people fail to hold them accountable.  Some people think that their only duty under a democracy is just to vote and this is the flaw that most corrupt politicians exploit.


English To Tagalog The Blog said...

of course it goes without saying that you have to also check the person's abily to realize plans.

only an idiot would think that plans get voted into office or someone who thinks he's being clever.

Admin said...

If it goes without saying then why repeat it? Of course, you didn't think that plans get voted into office. You're not an idiot.


English To Tagalog The Blog said...

i know i'm not. ever heard of poetic license? of course you have you know these things better than i do.

i think a blogger from baguio also thinks it's better to support the plan not the personality. i think she actually used the word "vote."

Admin said...

In an ideal democracy perhaps, people would just vote on issues.

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