Sunday, April 19, 2009

Better Filipinos equals A Better Philippines

What we are as a country is the sum of what we are as individuals.

It is an equation where the sum of our individual attributes forms the character of our nation.

It is an equation where an individual's action eventually merges and amplifies in the actions of others, like ripples joining other ripples until the totality of its momentum becomes a tidal wave that sweeps across the land.

It is an equation where the whisper of one becomes the din that trembles across the seas, shaking island after island, rousing the entire archipelago from the deep slumber of apathy into an unrelenting rage.

We live at a time when we are about to make decisions that may seem small because we think it merely affects ourselves, our families, and some part of our community.

But no decision ever made has ever been small or insignificant, for one's decision affects the lives of others whose decisions affect other lives.

We are being told that whoever we elect as President in the 2010 elections will not matter. They are all the same and there lies a great lie. If we beli

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