Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Google aids Indian elections

Found this article on Tech Crunch on how Google is helping India's elections and it make me wonder if the search engine giant can do something similar for the Philippines in 2010.

Google has launched the Google India Elections Center to help engage India’s 700 million eligible voters in the country’s 15th general election, set to take place over the course of the next month. Google launched similar web based election centers in the U.S. and Australia in the past, but Google India’s election center has some new features which make it worth a look.

Available in English and Hindi, Google’s Indian election center lets Indian citizens confirm their voter registration status (which is a new feature that wasn’t fully implemented in the U.S. or Australian versions), find their polling location, view their constituency on a map and access election news. Voters can also get in-depth data about the area where they vote, including changes in literacy, poverty, and employment rates in the constituency since the last election. Voters can learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year’s candidates, and are able to see politician’s voting records, and attendance. The site will also feature updates on election schedules, online polls, discussion forums, opinions and photos

Despite the wrangling of one group against the Philippines' first nationwide Automated Elections in 2010, the country should be looking forward to an era where wholesale cheating will be put to an end or at least, thrown in remission.
Going back to Google, I wish there was a website that could collate all the information regarding Presidential candidates -- including news articles, official documents, video, and any other information that would help people decide who to vote for.
To help out in the information campaign, perhaps internet shops all over the country can volunteer to provide free internet time to people who want to look at this website.

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