Monday, April 06, 2009

Mar Roxas the Padyakito Vs. Manny Villar the Itik Man

I am not looking forward to it but the recent Padyakito TV commercial of Senator Mar Roxas may portend other TV commercials that similarly pander to the sentiments of the lowly masses.
It will be a circus of sorts, probably with one billionaire Presidential candidate engaging in a trumpsmanship of sort. They'll probably try to portray themselves as more masa than the other.
And if it is a circus of sorts, will we see Senator Manny Villar eat a live duck? Entertaining? Yes. Helpful? Not at all.
What will these Presidential candidates think of next? Who will eat PAGPAG (food thrown in garbage bins, recycled, sold, and eaten by the poorest of the poor)?

Who will shout invectives at President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo just to show that they are really against her? (Ooops, Mar already beat everyone to that.)
Who will play as the Muslim sympathizer, just to show that they are for peace in Mindanao?
Come on, people.
We deserve better treatment from our politicians. The only way they will treat us better is if we demand that they treat us better and if we hold them to their word.
So, the next time you see Villar or Roxas on TV, switch channels!

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