Friday, April 03, 2009

PNRC Chairman Gordon's interview regarding Mary Jean Lacaba's release

PNRC Chairman and Senator Richard Gordon gave a 'mass interview' or press briefing regarding the release of ICRC worker Mary Jean Lacaba.
Much to the disappointment of the members of the press, Mary Jean was not presented to them. PNRC Chairman Gordon said Mary Jean, having undergone severe stress and trauma, needed to be put in seclusion for a while. This would help her recover.
Perhaps giving an inkling on the statement of mind of Mary Jean when he fetched her in Zamboangga early this morning, Gordon said that Mary Jean needed to relearn how to make her own decisions.
"She had come from a situation where she had to ask permission before doing anything," Gordon said. He went on to describe the other conditions that hostages would suffer from, the symptoms ranged from fearfulness, panic, head aches, amnesia, excessive talkativeness, guilt, and others. Mary Jean, he said, would need to under go a long process of healing.
Mary Jean is under the care of the ICRC. She has already been reunited with her husband, child, and sisters.
Apart from this, Gordon described Mary Jean as 'sexier' -- meaning that the ICRC worker had lost a lot of weight during her captivity.

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