Friday, May 22, 2009

Hayden Kho's sex video with Vicky Belo and 40 other videos

A friend described Dr. Hayden Kho as the little prick who made it big on the internet and the sidewalks of Quiapo by taking hidden videos of himself having sex with several women.

The banner story of the Philippine Daily Inquirer carries the subtitle "Doc has 40 sex videos, Revilla says" and this announcement from a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines is definitely enough to drive up the demand for more videos of Dr. Hayden Kho.

There are even juicy bits that Dr. Kho even has hidden cam sex videos of himself and Dr. Vicky Belo.

There is even a juicier bit that Senator Revilla exposed the spread of the Hayden-Katrina tapes so that he could protect a rumored girlfiend who also has a sex video with Hayden.

This makes me think that the whole hoopla is not really about bringing people to justice for an alleged violation of Philippine laws or a test case to expose the loopholes in Philippine laws that have to do with the proliferation of pornography on the internet.

Senator Bong Revilla's privilege speech started with a diatribe against Alec Baldwin who he said flung a slur against Filipinos for saying that he'd get a Filipina mail order bride so that he could have more children. Then, at some point, he began talking about the Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho video.

Then, after which, came a succession of interviews with Revilla on AM radio.

The next day, Katrina Halili was seen at the Senate with Senator Revilla. All media was there to cover Halili's walk from the elevator to Senator Revilla's office.

Of course I was there to document, not Halili, but the media frenzy surrounding it.

What I'd like to point out here is not that media chooses hype up the Hayden-Katrina video, but the impact of the actions taken by the Senator and the media.

I don't believe that the media plays a passive role all the time in the creation of news stories. Some stories actually become top stories because of the mere attention given to it by top rating news media.

I can imagine reporters asking Senator Revilla these questions:

Reporter: Senator, are there more videos of Hayden Kho?

Revilla: (after some thinking) Yes, I've heard there may be more.

Reporter: Will Katrina Halili come to the senate?

Revilla: (after some thinking) Perhaps she will, I have invited her.

And what reporters so far haven't figured out is why Bong Revilla has suddenly come out with this expose of sorts?

Is there any truth to the rumors that Senator Revilla has a girlfriend who also has a sex video with Hayden Kho? If so, Revilla's actions might be more understandable.

Do you see what's going on here?

In the case of the Hayden-Katrina video, the story is actually driven by the personalities involved and not really the story itself.

Actresses or actors in sex videos are nothing new. Since the days of betamax tapes, such videos have been surfacing again and again.

Hidden camera videos of people having sex are nothing new either.

Even the purported video of Hayden and Katrina was not new by the time Senator Bong Revilla made his privilege speech. In fact other blogs have had entries about it for weeks now.

But, perhaps, Senator Bong Revilla delivering a speech against the proliferation of the Katrina-Hayden video on a slow day in the Philippine senate was enough to spark a frenzy.

What is funny is that instead of stopping the proliferation of the sex video and preventing further damage to whatever reputation Katrina Halili has, it created an even bigger demand for the video and in the process made it spread even further.

People who were not ordinarily interested in sex videos began looking for, finding, and buying copies of the Hayden Kho video.

Perhaps Senator Bong would have been better advised to just have pursued the arrest and capture of the one who spread the video. That would have made for a much more decent media blitz.

With that said, you might want to watch this video.

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