Friday, May 15, 2009

“Hindi Ako Uto-Uto” Movement

This blog is officially signing up for this movement, others who may want to follow, just repost this on your blog and add your URL on the list below this post.

“Hindi Ako Uto-Uto” Movement aims to encourage all Filipino voters to be more discerning in scrutinizing politicians who will run in the 2010 elections.

The discerning voter:

1. is able to see beyond pandering political statements

2. will ignore politicians who do nothing but criticize other politicians to make themselves appear better

3. will avoid all variety shows masquerading as campaign sorties

4. will not accept gifts whether in cash or in kind from politicians

5. will not be content with campaign promises not backed by well thought out, detailed, and clear plans of action

6. will not support candidates who will run their campaign on the strength of song and dance numbers, pageantry and statements pandering to the public’s anger

7. will vilify political ads that offer nothing but motherhood, feel-good statements

8. will support only candidates who are able to provide well thought out and clear platforms or plans for the country

9. will demand from all candidates a clear plan of action to fight government corruption

“Hindi Ako Uto-Uto” Movement believes that by observing the aforementioned ideas the voting public will be able to force political candidates to raise the level of campaigning in this country.

There is no need to sign up with any group to be part of this movement. Just put the ideas stated above into action.

*You may not make changes to this document but you may change how you assess the candidates of your choice.

*You will not receive any fashion accessory in exchange for your cooperation. Be content with the thought that you helped ensure a better future for the Philippines.

2. PRF,

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