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VICTORINA: Looking forward to the 2010 elections?

This is just a short reaction to VICTORINA: Looking forward to the 2010 elections?

As far as Presidential candidates are concerned, I think the range of our choices are narrowing as May 2010 comes closer.


Will Senator Manny Villar's Presidential candidacy survive the onslaught of the Senate investigation into the C-5 double insertion controversy?

It might seem that there is a stalemate, or at least that is what Villar's camp is hoping it will appear. The countless airings of his staged interview with Boy Abunda may actually be doing some good for Villar, if it is at all possible to win the perception battle. Then again, knowing how political kingmakers and local political kingpins really think, there is a chance that they'll toe the line in front of Villar but secretly start establishing connections with other viable Presidential candidates.

While most poltical kingmakers and local political kingpins all agree that corruption is something that is usual for most politicians, they normally shy away from supporting those who are charged openly with corruption. I don't know if there are true loyalists in the ranks of Villar's camp and if there are, I don't know if they are all from Las Pinas or Cavite or Pateros.


Mar Roxas tried to make a joke about the merger of Lakas and Kampi. He borrowed the joke that is going around that the merged party is actually named PArtido LAKas KAmpi and taking the first syllables together, it would spell PALAKA or frog. Asked about what he thought of the merger, Mar let out a croak and said 'Kokak'.

But his own party, the Liberal Party is still split into two factions. The Drilon wing and the Atienza wing. So far, Mar's party is the only one with wings and this is quite apt for the Capiznon candidate who also jokes about being able to fly anywhere in the country being an Aswang -- a mythical vampiric creature for which Capiz is widely known for.

Mar is still lagging behind the leaders in most Presidential surveys and it is said that he might be deciding by July if he'll really make a run for President or not. Having a background as a banker, he prefers to have the numbers behind him on any decision he makes.


Better Philippines has already explored the idea of a Chiz Escudero Presidency and has so far found his first OUTing at the ANC Leadership Forum to be devoid of substance. He pandered to the mostly collegiala crowd, revising his usual Anti-GMA rants and amplifying his cuteness with witty quips that you'd normally find as responses to Facebook surveys.

One thing that jarred me about his interview during the ANC Leadership Forum was that he admitted to having raked in over P490 Million in pork barrel allocations for his district within a span of 7 years. He said that the funds went to building roads in his district (a patently corruption ridden type of project) and street lighting projects. Just after saying that, he quickly pointed out that all of the projects passed muster with the Commission on Audit -- which is supposed to be the first line of defense against corruption in government. Chances are, Escudero may turn out to be just as corrupt as President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is reputed to be.

He leads in surveys and that's a good thing. So did Erap, until he got elected -- it was all downhill from that point.

De Castro

Hmmm... So far, he is the current favorite. Even if he become's the Administration's Presidential bet (which some say will be a kiss of death), I think he'll make for a pretty good juggernaut. But then again, he'll be another Erap and he'll be worse.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Lopezes get full rein over the country?


Who are they?

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Senator Richard Gordon, Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio, Olongapo City Councilor JC Delos Reyes...

What about them?

Gordon is a well seasoned politician and a well accomplished leader, but it seems not enough people are taking his candidacy seriously.

Teodoro is just like Chiz Escudero, although he has more substance but he can still bide his time. He shouldn't risk losing a Presidential race or Vice Presidential race.

Panlilio. Hmmm... A priest President is a novel idea but that's it.

JC De Los Reyes, official presidential candidate of Ang Kapatiran Party, is an intriguing choice but may just end up like Panlilio.

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