Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Against Gloria Forever

I don't give my friend LPGD (who writes Better Philippines) enough credit for the kind of analysis I find myself driven to write these days. In fact, I have to credit him for re-igniting my interest in blogging and teaching me the pleasures of growing my nose hairs extra long.

LPGD is one sharp wit when it comes to dissecting issues and we rarely come out with exactly the same views on anything. I am only too glad that he seems to agree with me on this one, because it's really impossible to defeat him in any argument.

With that said, allow me to post here a comment he wrote on the entree on "Joining the June 10 Anti-Con Ass rally to speak FOR Charter Change."

in my own blog. i posted a "no to con-ass" button. i must admit when i did that i wasn't really thinking about con-ass i was thinking about the possibility of "gloria forever". i guess what i'm saying is my fear of "gloria forever" got the best of me and under that state of blind fear i proceeded to post that "no to con-ass" button.

the truth is i am also for charter change though am not really sure which mode is better. all i know is that this con-ass mode smells shitty because most congressmen are allied with the president.

in any case, i agree tomorrow's anti-con-ass rally will just turn out to be an anti-gloria rally and anyone with political ambitions will just use it to gain media mileage for their own campaigns.

i wouldn't mind it if the rally turns out to be an anti-gloria rally. i will, however, be upset if i see mar roxas or any other political figure seeking election or re-election taking the stage.

the organizers of this rally should consider banning any politican from getting up onstage. and those politicians should just refrain from participating. incumbent lawmakers like roxas and even rissa baraquel should not attend that gathering. if they want to voice out their objections to "con-ass" or "gloria forever" they should just do so in the house of representatives and the senate.

i guess i should take down that "no to con-ass" button from my blog and replace it with another button that more acurately shows my true feelings.

i am against "gloria forever."

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