Monday, June 29, 2009

Can I really make a difference?

Will all the blogging for change and rallying for change really matter?

Or have we really reached a point when drastic and forceful action must be undertaken in order to bring about the change that this country needs?

Are there any real Filipino revolutionaries out there who haven't sold their souls and turned protests into money making rackets in one way or the other?

Are there any real leftists, rightists, centrists? Is there any real ideology for a common good that is being acted upon and brought into the realm of actual practice?

I am really bored with Philippine politics right now.

Moreover, I want to kick Jun Lozada's face in. Why? Isa siya sa mga nakinabang sa kabulukan ng sistema, ngayon pumopormang parang santo't bayani. Jun, huwag ka nang epal, manahimik ka na lang.

Sure, there's going to be another rally against Charter Change tomorrow. Hurrah! But I don't think I'll be joining another farce.

The thing is, I don't think people can credibly protest Charter Change issues until we're all fairly certain what the real issues are in the first place. Can the masses understand anything beyond Charter Change equals Gloria Forever? Or are issues just being created in order for some politicians to have a cause to use for grandstanding?

If you want a real discussion on charter change, I suggest you just pick one article in the constitution that you want changed and let's discuss that.

You want a shift in the form of government? Okay, let's discuss why a parliamentary system is a bad idea especially in a country where most politicians cannot be trusted to make a decision for their constituents that will actually benefit them.

You want to give foreigners the right to own land? Okay, let's discuss why it is a bad idea to give foreigners the right to own land at a time when we can't even defend our seas and outlying islands from what amounts to foreign invasion. I think changing this article in the consitution will only benefit the landed or those who have land to sell. I don't. In reality, if the cost of the land I actually inherited from my father increases, I will be hard pressed to come up with the real estate taxes and the land isn't exactly an asset as it does not generate income for me -- it is where I live.

You want term extensions for all elected officials? Okay, show me first what you'v done with your term and then tell me if you deserve a longer term.

Let's not talk about charter change at all, not until every voting age citizen can pass a certifying test that they understand what the constitution is really about.


betterphilippines said...

that's a question i often ask myself whenever i see my blog stats stuck at low levels.

what i do to get me going is imagine that those few people who do visit my blog are all bigwig policymakers.

Admin said...

Hey, that's a great pick me upper.

By the way, I read your entry on Not A Musician. You really picked great youtube videos. I liked the girl's Thriller rendition.

In another post, I was awed by the guy with the ukelele strumming While my guitar gently weeps. THAT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!

I hope you work up the courage to post your own video playing your guitar.

betterphilippines said...

i'll do one better. i'll post video of me playing your favorite instrument, the organ.

Anna said...

Difficult to answer that question... I personally have doubts that my thoughts make a difference but in one of my posts, a couple of commenters have kindly urged me not to despair which is truly heartening.

Admin said...

Thanks for dropping by Anna.

I really want to take action against all the ills and abuses of the current system -- which includes not just the people in government but people in the private sector as well.

I wonder what it is we can really do apart from blogging our brains out.

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