Friday, June 05, 2009

Constitutional Change and talks of an uprising

On the face of it, House Resolution 1109 and the threat of railroading Constitutional amendments seems like a big deal right now.

It ain't.

With all the politicians and political personalities throwing their two cents worth about CONs and ASSes foisting a ploy for forming a Constituent Assembly (Con Ass) that dilutes ( or more properly, negates) the participation of the Senate, you'd think that things are coming to a dramatic stand off that might tip over into an uprising.

It won't.

Despite appearances, all the protest demonstrations and talks of uprisings are only being used to create a stage upon which politicians and certain personalities can play to the crowd.

Riding on the issue of charter change for publicity is the name of the game. And this being what it is, I now point to the winning ploys.

Yesterday, Brigadier General Danny Lim issued a statement denouncing moves for charter change and QUITE DISTURBINGLY ended that statement by hinting at an uprising.
GMA is determined and she will keep on ramming through every perceived obstacle there is, until she attains her much-coveted goal.

Now, only the collective will of the people with the support of the AFP can stop her.

I, therefore, call on every officer and enlisted man to follow your conscience and do what is right – PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND THE STATE!

Of course, one could defend the General by saying he was not in any way referring to an uprising. But then, it would look really ODD.

Why would it be necessary to call on the "collective will of the people WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE AFP" to stop something which is still very much within the bounds of a perfectly legal CIVILIAN process?

Perhaps this would only be necessary if we had something like the Tiannamen Square massacre and that is something that may not happen. Or will it happen?

I sure hope that someone won't issue a statement to the effect that holding rallies against Charter Change will be bombed or attacked with tanks by ALLEGEDLY and CONVENIENTLY Pro-GMA, Pro-Cha-cha agents.

This would be laying the predicate for something even more sinister than perpetuating Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's eternal rule. I'd hate to think that another attempt to install a military junta is afoot.

Call me corny, but I think General Lim, much admired as he is by myself and my wife's family (being Lims themselves), would be better served if his statements regarding charter change showed an understanding of the legislative processes involved and offered an insight into how charter change should be pursued or stopped through a CIVILIAN PROCESS.

He should start sloughing of the image of being a rebel soldier and show that he CAN actually participate in a democratic process.

Anyway, I may be interpreting the phrase "collective will of the people with the support of the AFP" as an uprising because this is what happened during EDSA 1 and Gloria's usurpation of the Presidency with the support of key military officials.

Another personality who has actually uttered the word uprising or people power is Father Joaquin Bernas. Here's an excerpt from the Inquirer:
...Father Joaquin Bernas, Dean Emeritus of Ateneo Law School and a delegate to the 1987 constitutional convention, reiterated that it was a “fatal mistake” on the part of the House of Representatives if it continued to push for Charter amendments without the Senate.

On Tuesday night, House Resolution 1109 was passed, calling for a constituent assembly even without the approval of the Senate, voting as a co-equal body.

“If ever the justices of the Supreme Court intended to operate in the gang rape of Constitution, the alternative might be another People Power like the 1986 (revolt),” said Bernas in a forum in Ateneo de Manila University.
Father Bernas, people power isn't the only OTHER alternative. Come on and come off it, Padre.

People can do a number of things if the Supreme Court sides with the lower house of Congress on House Resolution 1109. This can include doing nothing, watching a movie, dancing the hokey-pokey, and eating shawarma.

Uprisings are dramatic and romantic, but, pardon my french, look at where the fuck it took us!

Anyway, instead of uprisings, I'd rather go for more novel and certainly more entertaining methods of registering my protest.

I might just:

Wear a garland of garlic, just as Mar Roxas suggests. Glistening with the aura of a Presidential survey frontrunner, Roxas wore a garland of garlic around his neck to symbolize his rejection of Charter Change moves while delivering a privilege speech. He explained that the garland of garlic was commonly used to ward off Aswangs (vampiric creatures of Filipino lore) and referred to the the lower house legislators who voted for Con Ass as ConAsswangs.

Join Brother Eddie Villanueva's massive rally against charter change. And while I'm there, I might as well get prayed over.

Join Toots Ople's Facebook Eye Ball against Charter Change. And maybe even meet a couple of hot FB chicks.

Or, oh well, just enjoy the bedweather.

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betterphilippines said...

nice one. so well thought out. oo nga naman marami na namang politikong sasakay sa isyu na ito.

although at this time they do serve a purpose. at least sa pagsakay nila makokontra ang karimarimarin na con-ass. but then ordinary people should just make sure not to commit their support also to these oppositors. kumbaga support the cause but not necessarily the personality.

i'm really wondering about this lim character. i must admit i don't know much about him. but i'm really wary about military ex-military men entering politics.

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