Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dangerous convoys of Philippine Government Officials

Kahapon sa Quezon Avenue, may convoy ng isang government official na sumingit sa lane ko habang ipinagmamaneho ko ang asawa ko. Muntik na kaming masagi at kinunan namin ng video. Ipo-post ko mamaya sa facebook.

Pangatlong beses na nangyari ito sa akin. Ung una, convoy ni Jamby Madrigal ang muntik bumangga sa amin. Pangalawa, convoy naman ni Secretary Raul Gonzales. At itong pinakahuli, hindi ko pa alam kung sino pero papuntang Batasan ang hinayupak.

For now, here's a video message from James Deakin. Let's join him and this crusade against government officials

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betterphilippines said...

someone told me that there's actually something about this in the rules somewhere -- that motorists should give way to these convoys. seriously.

i only found out about this recently. before that i only gave way to ambulances, police vehicles, and firetrucks. i used to NOT give way to suv's with flashing lights and blaring sirens. not even if their convoy is accompanied by a motorcycle riding policeman doing that "pagewang gewang" sweeper move.

one time i encountered such a convoy along quezon avenue. the more the sweeper tried to get me off my lane the more i stayed there. fact is that stupid policeman seemed oblivious to the fact that i simply had nowhere else to go. a big trailer truck was on my left side and other cars were on my right and front.

anyway, the policeman, in his obvious frustration, drove right beside my right passenger side and basically cursed me off the lane. "kayabangan nga naman"

the drivers of these "official convoys" need to learn to hold back a little and be a little too enthusiastic in transporting their "VIP's."

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