Sunday, June 14, 2009

Douglas Quijano dies of heart attack in Lucban, Quezon

Sunday is showbiz Chismis day but unlike most days, I'd think most showbiz TV shows this afternoon won't be talking about rumors but rather the confirmed death of Douglas Quijano.

We can certainly expect it to trump up anything else that will be happening today. Including the rumored pamamanhikan of Mar Roxas in Korina Sanchez' house in Merville and maybe, if it hasn't happened yet, it will be moved to a later show date.

There's nothing spectacular about Quijano's death. It seems that he just keeled over and gave up the ghost. (I wonder if he'll turn into so much fairy dust.)

Quijano's death follows the death of an international celebrity, David Carradine. The American movie star was found dead in his hotel room a few weeks ago and it was originally suspected that he committed suicide. The Seattle Intelligencer, however, reports that the star of Kung Fu and Kill Bill did not commit suicide. (And NO, he didn't die because of the fatal five fist exploding heart technique.)

Here's an excerpt from GMANEWS DOT TV.

Movie and television talent manager Douglas Quijano, an influential figure in Philippine show business for over four decades, was found dead in his rest house in Lucban, Quezon early Saturday morning and had apparently died in his sleep. He was 64.

He was discovered lifeless by household help and a house guest, the entertainment writer Ces Evangelista.

Veteran TV host and long-time friend German Moreno said in an interview aired over Q’s Balitanghali that the cause of his death has yet to be confirmed, but Moreno speculated that it might have been a heart attack. Actress and TV host Lucy Torres-Gomez, one of Quijano’s talents, said that Quijano was diabetic.
It was also said that Quijano had been diagnosed with diabetes. And if you didn't know, diabetes is said to cause a number of circulatory problems because the sugar that isn't digested or eliminated in the blood stream is said to coat and constrict blood vessels.

And if you are wondering why I've written an entry regarding this, the reason is pretty simple.

I'm trying to increase my stats.


Video 48 said...

It's David not Keith Carradine.

Admin said...

Video 48,

Thanks. Will correct the entry. Stupid of me. Har di har har!

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