Wednesday, June 03, 2009

House Resolution 1109: Bullshit Resolution

Makati Representative Teddy Locsin was too polite to utter the word bullshit but his statement on House Resolution 1109 really didn't need the cuss word.
Locsin on HR1109 Locsin on HR1109 mlq3 Re. Teodoro L. Locsin Jr's press statement on the passage of House Resolution 1109 calling for Congress to turn itself into a Constituent Assembly -a case of what he describes as the host sending out invitations to a party the host will not attend, and to which no one except the non-invited have been sent notices of the party, purely to get a rise out of the non-invited people.

Famed for extending a dirty finger years ago, Locsin's statement is better than Mar Roxas shouting choice gutter language on Ayala Avenue to signify his protest against Charter Change. (Although some would say that his antic of wearing a garlic garland to signify his protest against Con Ass Wang trumped his antics on Ayala Avenue.)

If anything, the Con Ass resolution flies in the face of Roxas attempt to belittle the merged Lakas Kampi party. Gloria has an army of legislators at her beck and call, while Mar's own wing of the of the fractured Liberal Party cannot even muster a tenth of the number that was called to pass HR 1109.

Anyway, despite everything that I can say about Roxas and his bawang, what is really chilling is that he may be right about the possibility of a term extension for Gloria through a Constitutional amendment.

Senator Richard Gordon, for his part, reiterated his position against Charter Change before 2010.

Senator Gordon Statement on Con Ass Senator Gordon Statement on Con Ass paulfarol Statement of Senator Richard Gordon on HR 1109
I am more opposed to allowing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to stay even just one more day beyond her six year term.

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