Thursday, June 11, 2009

Makati Anti-Con Ass rally lays an egg, Gloria squirts with glee!

(What follows is supposed to a comment on BenignO's post "Rally! Rally Pfft" over at Filipino Voices. But I decided to just post it here.)

Have we actually stopped caring about what goes on in Philippine politics?

I don't know who else will admit it, but the issue of amending the Constitution doesn't make for a good topic of conversation -- versus, let's say, the weather.

I was actually at a Deli France on Ayala Avenue and Paseo De Roxas sipping a cold white chocolate something or other when four richly dressed matrons walked in and took the seats near me.

I heard one of them say, "Talagang galit ako sa Cha-cha!"

The other one said, "Grabe ang init sa labas!"

"Oo nga, hindi gaya sa New York. Kelan ba ang balik mo dun?" and the conversation drifted to their good old days as Sigma Deltans in UP. (Nope, they didn't talk about their wild days and believe me, if you saw them, you wouldn't WANT TO HEAR IT.)

Weather and travel. One point.

Cha-cha. Zero.

Charter change is a BORING topic. What makes it interesting and understandable is when you say Cha-Cha equals Gloria forever remaining our President. That's when tempers and nostrils begin to flare.

And so, the masses that gathered at Ayala on June 10 may not have completely understood what Cha-Cha meant, but they understood that they didn't want Gloria to continue as President. (I guess, Gloria can subtract 5,000 from her vote if ever Cha-Cha actually allows her to run for President again. She should be shaking in her heels.)

Charter change is a difficult idea to grasp and the process seems intentionally complicated by the difference in the wording of the 1935 and 1987 sections on Constitutional Amendments. Just explaining the difference is enough to put most of my friends to sleep.

Then you'd also have to explain the possible Constitutional issues that need to be settled even before we get to the act of actually amending the constitution.

Then, after that,is a whole slew of other BORING topics.

This is probably why reporters covering the news on legislation sometimes end up reporting about shouting matches and what have you.

Reporters aren't the sort of geniuses that may find Philippine legislation exciting.

Even geniuses get bored with talk about Philippine politics because most Philippine politicians rarely offer anything intellectually uplifting but just merely pander to common sentiments.

Then again, if I were a genius, I'd probably devote my brain power to more interesting endeavors like building an Anti-Matter generator or inventing a virus that only kills corrupt politicians who steal above a certain threshold -- which Better Philippines says should be around P500,000.

Anyway, one more proof that Philippine politics is boring is that I get very few hits on entries that contain my political musings. (Just how Ellen Tordesillas manages to get thousands of visits and pageviews a day really confounds me. Perhaps it is because she is Ellen Tordesillas or maybe there's some kind of trick to it.)

I get a lot more hits when it comes to the latest updates on Hayden Kho and the women he is linked to. (And here's a tip, if you want a lot of visits, just put keep repeating the words Hayden Kho through out the copy of your entry.)

So, now, you may ask, what is the point of this entry?

First, it's to say that I found BenignO's post quite good and that you should read it so you can see my comments on it.

Second, it's to say that Philippine politics is boring as hell.

Third, it's to say that I have maintained my top ten status in Top Blogs dot COM dot PH because of my posts with links to download sites containing the latest Hayden Kho sex videos.

And fourth, it's to say that you none of you readers have voted for this blog as being one of the most influential Philippine blogs. Not that this blog is actually influential, but because I have no integrity at all and just want to title of being an influential blogger so I can brag about it to my beer buddies.

So there!


betterphilippines said...

har har de har har.

anyway, i didn't say P500,000 should be the threshold for politicians. i said that is MY threshold. get your facts straight and thanks for the tips, which i won't follow anyway.

mabuhay si benignO!!!

Admin said...

Hmmm! I knew I there was something odd about my recollection about our conversation. Blame it on the years of drinking too much beer.

My apologies.

Mabuhay si BenignO!

Admin said...

Mabuhay si HAYMEN!

iagosmom said...

grabe naman itong si maricar.


Admin said...


Napanood mo? Na-dowload ko once pero hindi nag-play, kaya hindi ko masasabi kung agree ako o hindi na grabe si Maricar.

Also, kung gusto mong makipag-link, diretsuhin mo na lang ako at madali naman akong kausap eh.

Thanks for visiting, anyway.

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