Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Maui Taylor and the rumored sex tape with Brian Revilla

Updated with Maui Taylor's pictures from the purported sex tape with Brian Revilla.)

Senator Bong Revilla might do well to talk with his son Brian about a purported sex tape of his with Maui Taylor.
Apparently, according to worksespresso.com, Maui admitted to having sex video with Brian.
Here's an excerpt from the article:
"Guesting on a radio showbiz talk show, the former Hot Babe, revealed a few secrets about her love life, career and some showbiz personalities. While supposedly strapped to a lie detector machine, Maui gamely answered questions
from listeners.
"She revealed that there’s indeed a sex video of her and ex-boyfriend Brian Revilla, which they made while they were still on. The tape is with Brian but she is not worried at all that that he would leak it."
Another reference to the Maui's nude pictures can be found on Pinoy Spy dot com:
The Maui Taylor scandal photos surfaced on an Asian girls website and a couple of forums, just as Maui Taylor was charged in Cebu for allegedly staging a “pornographic and indecent show” in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island.
The set of photos even showed Maui shaving her privates on a monoblock chair, and engaging her partner in oral sex. It also included close up photos of the private parts.
Blue CoralSome of the photos were allegedly taken at the Blue Coral Beach Resort in San Juan Laiya town, Batangas province south of Manila. Blue Coral is a favorite destination of celebrities, including Maui Taylor, who is shown posing in the lobby in the photo gallery (photo gallery link) of the resort’s website (http://bluecoral.org)

Of course, if they do get into hot water for this, we can expect Bryan and even Maui to later deny the existence of the tape. Maui can even claim that the pictures appearing in the video were not of her but of someone who looks like her. She can say that the pictures were also photoshopped.
Senator Revilla can also say that it's a dirty tactic launched by his opponents. He could also claim that the drug dealers who supplied Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho with ecstacy were behind the leaking of what he may later claim to be digitally manipulated photos.

Yesterday afternoon, I chanced upon a video containing still pictures of Maui in various stages of undress. Bryan appeared in some of the pictures but not with the undressed Maui.

The purported Maui Taylor video (as described in the excerpt from Pinoy Spy) showed her with shaving cream on her nether regions in various poses, lying in bed sleeping naked, there were close up shots of her genitalia, there were also shots of her taking a shower, and others.

I'll update this entry later and post the link of the video here for you to see, so that you can be the judge of whether or not it should merit a privilege speech in the Senate too.

Here's a link to Flesh Asia Daily that shows some pictures which I saw in the video I was referring to.

Click HERE.

Anyway, supposing that the sex video of Maui Taylor and Brian Revilla is indeed leaked, would they be liable? Will Senator Revilla or possibly even Senator Jamby Madrigal raise hell over it?

Will Senator Bong, in defending his son, contend that what Maui and Brian did was okay because both consented to the video taping of their sex act?

Will Senator Bong go after the people who distribute the videos of Brian and Maui?

Perhaps Senator Bong should really think or at least try hard to think about what the real problem is.

The real problem here is not that the sex acts of people are being video taped and geting distributed. The real problem is that people treat sex like a past time, bereft of any dignity that the wonderous and miraculous act of PROCREATION should be treated with. Some people think of sex as an act without consequences, despite all the obvious contradicting evidence.

I am not going to go all high and holy here. I comment about politics and not other people's morality or religion.

But, as long as we are on the subject, the Catholic faith -- to which most Filipinos are involuntarily baptized into -- says that SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE IS FORBIDDEN and this includes ADULTERY. I wonder how most actors or politicians for that matter measure up to this standard? What do they tell their priests at the confessional box?
More over, will this be another insipid expose meant to distract people from the politics of Manny Villar's ethics trial? Or the railroading of charter change?


Anonymous said...

Good grief, what on earth is this?

Admin said...

Just an attempt at exposing flaws in Filipino political culture.

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