Sunday, June 07, 2009

On blogs supporting candidates for 2010 elections

I think blogs are more useful to people by being a venue for intelligent and critical discussion on the merits of various candidates.

If a blog is to advocate support for one candidate in particular for whatever position, it should at least inform its readers why it is supporting that particular candidate and why the people should support that particular candidate.

Other wise, the blog creates an impression which may later become a reputation of being written by a member of a mindless cult or mob.

The worst thing that can happen for a blog that is supporting a particular candidate is to find that his candidate has made a major error. What does the blogger do then?

Whatever particular thing that the blogger does, it ought to be on the side of truthfulness.


Admin said...

comment comment!

betterphilippines said...

i agree completely. they should at least make it clear if they're really supporting this or that candidate out of personal conviction or because they're being paid to do so. not that it's any of our business, but at least doing so will give readers the real context behind their "commentary."

related to this, ac-dc (attack collect defend collect) bloggers should just stop hiding behind their pretense of patriotism. they're not helping at all.

Admin said...

Yeah, huwag na tayong magkunwari.

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